Thank You All, You Made Us [editorial]

Ten years ago on March 25, 2004, The Observer newspaper was born.

It has been a long and at times bumpy journey, but one that we endured with confidence because we were not walking alone. With you our readers and aertisers, we have walked this momentous journey and with you we will continue to make great strides as The Observer takes off into its second decade.

In our inaugural editorial ten years ago, we vowed to “rise to the challenge of promoting good governance and accountability at all levels of public and private life.”

We said our mission was to enhance the quality and credibility of national news analysis and public affairs reporting. We swore to promote and uphold greater accuracy, fairness and balance in journalism. These lofty ideals have remained our guiding principles throughout the last decade and will continue to guide us in future.

Where we have fallen short, it has not been for lack of will or trying but, rather, human error, which is particularly prevalent in our imperfect media sector. And so on this 10th anniversary occasion, we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has had a hand in aancing The Observer dream.

This includes the paper’s management and staff, who have not only managed to keep the ship afloat in a sea full of sunken vessels, but done so in style by consistently producing a newspaper to be proud of.

It includes our readers who continue to vote for our newspaper every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with their hard-earned money, notwithstanding the existence of several alternative information channels.

It includes our esteemed aertising clients who believe in us and in our capacity to reach and serve their target audience. To you all, we will be eternally grateful, for without your input this milestone would never have been possible.

As we move forward with confidence, we pledge to remain a publication that rises to the challenge of promoting good governance and accountability at all levels of public life. Indeed, a publication that “takes you deeper” in the story.

Source : The Observer

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