Term Limit Calls Grow Louder

Calls for the restoration of presidential term limits grew louder in Kabale during a recent visit to the western district by the parliamentary committee on East African Affairs.

The MPs, led by the committee Vice-Chairperson Sarah Mateeke Nyirabashisti (Woman MP, Kisoro), expressed their support to this idea and promised to back it if it appeared in the House. MP Sarah Mwebaze, however, said there should be term limits for all elective offices.

“Why should we talk of presidential term limits when some of us have been in elective offices for over 30 years? Let the term limits cut across all positions of elective offices from LC-I to the president if it is to be meaningful,” she said in response to concerns from a participant about Uganda’s non-compliance with the East African Community (EAC)’s stance on term limits.

Convening at Kabale municipal stadium, the MPs further explained the aantages of the East African integration to local government leaders. The state minister for the East African Community Affairs, Shem Bageine, highlighted the aantages of regional integration, which he called people-centred and private-sector-driven.

“The current East African Community, with over 135 million people, will create a large market for locally-produced products, develop the infrastructure and attract huge investments,” Bageine said.

He urged local government leaders to educate the masses about how they could sell their products in the region without any hindrances. Speaking at the same function, the state minister for Local Government, Alex Onzima, lashed out at local leaders who skip national functions. He said they would never have enough information for their people. Onzima raised the concern after realising that both the LC-V chairpersons for Kabale and Kanungu, Besigye Keihwa and Josephine Kasya, respectively, were absent.

Source : The Observer

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