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stronCould you give me any qualities I should consider before buying a Toyota Nadia? Thanks stronstronAllan Chandiastron

There are two popular models of Toyota Nadia vehicles in Uganda to select from, the 1998-2000 GFSXN1015 and the 2001-2003 TA ACN. Both model years offer 2.0 litre (1,998cc) petrol engines and four wheel drive (4WD) as an option. If you are a regular upcountry traveller the 4WD comes in handy when it rains and the dirt roads become slippery. However, overall the 4WD increases the Nadia fuel consumption.

Both Nadia variants have reasonable ground clearance of 160 millimetres. Their aerodynamic oval shapes allow good dynamic road stability and performance. The 2001 Nadia has a higher price tag but its newer interior and exterior styling with more modern comfort features are better than its predecessor. The 2001 Nadia has the 1AZ FSE D4 (direct four) engine which delivers more power (152 horsepower) and better fuel economy than the 1998 Nadia with the 3SFE engine (145 horse power).

Both Nadia engine variants require regular periodic maintenance with high quality lubricants, fluids and filters (oil, fuel and air filters). Depending on where you are buying the used Nadia vehicle it is important to ask your mechanic to inspect the engine and the automatic gearbox for burnt oil which would suggest mechanical damage.

Check the engine for oil leaks all round and confirm that it runs smoothly with no internal noise suggesting damage of internal components such as the timing chain system in the 1AZ engine. Look out for mileage based service requirements and confirm absence of major accident repair. A test drive will confirm the engine and gearbox operational condition.

stronI own a Toyota Noah made in 1998. I want to replace tyres (full set) but I am not sure which brand gives value for money. Any suggestions on where I can get good new tyres in Kampala? You can also highlight which type of tyres are suitable for me.stronstronJohn Robert.stron

Irrespective of the tyre brand or dealer you choose to buy it from, one needs to bear in mind the role of a tyre as the main contact between the car and the road. Every action a driver takes with the steering, brake and accelerator pedals is transmitted to the road via the tyres.

It is important to make a correct tyre selection because it is a delicate balance between cost and the tyre attributes such as noise suppression, ride quality or comfort, fuel economy, load capacity and performance.

Here are a few useful tips to consider: Buy the same specification of tyres recommended by the car manufacturer because they are chosen to highlight the special positive attributes and features of your vehicle. The manufacturer usually provides this information in the user manual or on the vehicle door pillar and fuel flap. If your user manual is in Japanese, an equivalent in English can be downloaded from the internet.

Consider the purpose of the vehicle and understand your tyre anatomy or design. Understanding the tread design is important because different tread designs are suitable for varying loads, vehicle purpose, driving speeds, weather and terrain.

Tread designs are made up of sunken parts called grooves which are designed differently or in block patterns to enhance braking, rain water evacuation and high speed heat dispersal, rolling stability, driving stability and comfort.

A four wheel drive vehicle based in the countryside terrain largely off road will require tyre treads with bigger blocks to protect it from stone damage while giving it a good grip of the rough, uneven and often wet terrain. This kind of tyre would not perform well on tarmac as it would be noisy, fuel inefficient due to rolling resistance and provide poor high speed handling characteristics.

A vehicle like your Toyota Noah is a 6-8 seater passenger vehicle will most likely require a mixed or all terrain (AT) tread design because it will drive on both tarmac and good gravel or dirt roads both in summer or rainy conditions. So it should have a mix of water and heat dispersal features coupled with tyre blocks which are not pronounced.

The side walls should be tall enough to absorb bumps and provide a comfortable ride, as opposed to the lower profile tyres which are uncomfortable but designed for high speed cornering and rally type steering performance. You ought to be able to decode and understand the available tyre information. For instance one of the common size and description for the Toyota Noah is: P19565 R15 63S M+S. P- stands for passenger while 195 is the width in millimetres across the tread.

65 is the aspect ratio of the sidewall compared to the width. R is the radial construction while 16 is the rim diametre in inches. 63 is the load carrying capacity while ‘H’ is the speed rating of 210 kilometres an hour. M+S is a mixed tyre suitable for all weather and terrain conditions.

The tyre should display the date of manufacture so that you know that you are not buying a very old tyre. When choosing where to buy tyres it is important to give consideration to the professionalism of the tyre dealership and their sales technicians. He or she should be able to explain the suitability of the tyre on display to your vehicle and explain all the information on the tyre.

The tyre storage facility should be well designed to avoid tyre damage. A good tyre dealer is likely not to sell bad tyres to you if they are concerned about their reputation. The selected tyre dealership should have professional wheel changing services such as wheel alignment, tyre balancing as well as tyre accessories.

There are a handful of such tyre dealers around Kampala to select from if they meet the criteria such as City Tyres on 6th street Industrial Area, Tren tyres on 7th Street Industrial Area, Priamit tyres on Jinja Road, Arrow Centre on Bombo Road and a couple of others.

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SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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