Teens Can’t Get Enough of Buzz Rock

It was quite an ambitious move when Pepsi decided to have the 2014 party on two floors of the Garden City mall.

That meant twice the expense and numbers, and having seen a number of shows flop this year, some anticipated disaster. However, that was not the case for Buzz Leavers Rock 2014 party last Saturday. It really did rock.

First, it was a full house with teenagers, most of them dressed in their trademark outrageous way, showing up in big numbers the lower section was too crowded, but the set-up was amazing. They offered all the teenagers a free Mountain Dew soda as they got in, and then brought them a host of DJs from Sleek Stuart, to DJ Brian, and DJ Roger.

Pepsi had Kampala’s top MCs share the stage, with Galaxy FM’s Mosh, NTV’s Kats, Dave Dash and Robin Kisti, Club Venom’s MC Samo, as well as Hype Man all at the teenagers’ service. All of them had the crowd rolling on the entertainment side, it was hard to tell who outdid the other.

Not even Pallaso, whose CD failed to play and took a long time arguing with the organizers, could dampen the mood. Newcomer Winnie with her Embeera hit single had the crowd focusing more on her outfit that showed off her every curve.

Fille came on dressed in a baggy shirt and nothing else, but at least she managed to keep it decent.

Radio and Weasel had the young revellers eating out of their palms with every note, with Neera and Obudde being their best performances. Cindy still has to work on her stage performance maybe she was really tired after back-to-back gigs, like she argued.

Chameleone, on the other hand, just knows how to stand out this time he decided to unveil his son Abba Marcus aka T-Rex. The young Mayanja can rap, but let’s wait to see what more he will offer. Other performances came from Vampino, Beenie and Ganta.

Next year Crown Bottlers promises to spread the party to three floors.

Source : The Observer