Teachers do not know how to interpret curriculum – report

Apac. Poor curriculum interpretation by most teachers in secondary schools countrywide is the leading cause of failures of candidates, a new report by the Uganda National Examination Board (Uneb) has said.

Mr Gard Acidri, an examinations assistant with Uneb, said the 2013 National Assessment of Progress in Education found out that most secondary school teachers lack curriculum interpretation skills.

“Our students are failing exams because the problems begin with their teachers by not knowing how to interpret the curriculum. Instead of following the curriculum, most teachers use text books and pamphlets,” he said.

While releasing the findings at Apac Secondary School on Monday, Mr Acidri said teachers should be introduced to curriculum interpretation skills through refresher courses while others guided and helped on following progressive arrangement of topics.

The Uneb official asked the government to expedite the process of introducing effective criterion reference assessment in all public examinations from primary to secondary final exams.

The report also blamed teachers of lacking a systematic methodological approach in teaching while others teach in abstract manner without giving real life experience.

“In most schools, students had difficulty in describing how a plant leads to soil formation and explaining why a muscle is a tissue,” Mr Acidri said.

He called for introduction of curriculum interpretation as a course unit in all the teacher’s training institutions.

The district education officer, Mr Bill Okunyu, said he was in a meeting and was unable to discuss how his office will address the highlighted problems.

More findings

The report indicates that poor coverage of syllabus, lack of drawing skills in biology and mother tongue interference is leading to a lot of spelling errors.Students have difficulty in reading a text, responding to questions which required higher thinking skills and writing with the necessary attributes for effective message delivery.The survey was carried out in 524 selected secondary schools countrywide.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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