Student, teacher on trial for exam malpractice

KAMPALA. The trial of a vocational school teacher and a student who are charged with examination cheating has been set for April 24.Mr Okello Robert, a teacher at Bishop Kitching Christian Vocational Institute in Ngora District, is jointly charged with Justus Ruhangariyo, a student at Nakawa Vocational Institute in Kampala.

Both denied the charges before City Hall magistrate Ms Juliet Hatanga.The hearing date was set after the two accused persons denied their confession in which they had earlier admitted committing the offence before the same court.

Mr Okello and Ruhangariyo had earlier admitted committing the offence and were due for sentencing. But when they appeared in court for the sentencing yesterday, they sought to change their earlier pleading. The magistrate allowed them to make a fresh plea and they denied the charges. They are jointly charged with conspiracy to cheat exams. Mr Okello is separately charged with engaging in examination malpractice and malicious damage of examination material during last year’s Uganda Business Technical Examinations.Prosecution alleges that on January at Ntinda, in Kampala, Mr Okello being an examiner of Uganda Business Technical Examinations Board centre altered Ruhangariyo’s data with intent to help him excel in the exams.

rosecution alleges that Mr Okello unlawfully damaged examination answer scripts bearing the name of his co-accused. “Okello as an examiner agreed to his co-conspirator’s request by accepting an answer sheet that was filled from outside the examination centre. He proceeded to the centre and removed the one filled from there, destroyed it and substituted it,” a police statement reads.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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