Strings Comes to the Theatre Festival

The Kampala International Theatre festival is here.

The festival dedicated to the art discipline of theatre was debuted on Wednesday with a cocktail party at the National theatre. The past two days have seen some of the most interesting theatre productions from Africa showcase and it has all been coupled with the finest acting combinations by the likes of Philip Luswata, Diana Kahunde and William Mpaata, among others.

The five-day do that goes on up to Sunday will today showcase a Ugandan production, Strings. Written by Angela Emurwon and directed by Rogers Otieno, Strings portrays different characters’ response to the 20-year absence, and now return, of Maama’s distant husband, Baaba, from kyeyo.

Maama has created a myth that helps her two children, Baaba and her lover, maintain normalcy. Uncle Lokil, the brother of Baaba and Maama’s on-and-off lover, seeks to regain his rightful place in Maama’s life that was usurped by his young brother during their teens.

Strings will show today at 4pm in the main auditorium and again on Saturday. But it is not the only production theatre lovers should look out for. Kenyan composer Eric Wainaina too will be in line to serenade with his original musical, DJ Lwanda.

A story about a radio DJ who strives to stir a forgotten Kenyan community into action and unity against destructive political powers – the musical stars Suzan Kerunen alongside Wainaina himself.

According to Deborah Asiimwe, one of the brains behind the festival, it is hoped Ugandan names in theatre will come forward and attend, since it is a great chance to network and learn from each other.

Source : The Observer

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