Stop drivers from destroying roads

I have noted with concern a practice by Ugandan drivers, especially the taxi drivers, but also other bad road users, of driving on the shoulders of roads during rush hours as they try to beat the traffic jams. I’m concerned about the effect of this practice on the roads.

If the roads do not have their extreme edges sealed off properly with either kerbstones or steel barriers that demarcate the edges of roads mostly seen on highways, pieces of the surfaced road keep breaking off with time, resulting in the road deteriorating from the edge, inward.

The best example is the Northern Bypass. Where the steel barriers exist, the road remains intact at the edges. However, in places where there are no barriers and where taxi drivers have improvised pick-up or drop-off points, the roads are deteriorating rapidly and the surface is getting “eaten” inwards. Another example is Ggaba Road around the Kansanga Trading Centre area, where the kerbstones have prevented the drivers from destroying the road.

My appeal to the concerned authorities and city engineers is to ensure that all roads are sealed off appropriately to ensure their longevity. Ugandans should also learn to use officially designated bus or taxi stops, where the provision has been availed.
David Kamugisha,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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