Star Trail – Vince Musisi Now Gets Cozy With Luswata

Star Trail is not very sure what is brewing between Swangz Avenue producer Vince Musisi and Vision group’s gossip girl, Mary Luswata.

The two were very cozy last Friday evening at Zone 7, as Heineken hosted Brian Mugenyi in a jazz concert. They spent the evening together, sharing pleasantries and beer, even shying away from photographers. Vince has been reported as trying to fix his failed young marriage to NTV news anchor, Josephine Karungi, and well, this could be a roundabout way of getting to that.

Star Trail will keep you updated.

G- Snake causes stampede at Sheraton

She is known more for performing with a snake than for her music. So, when the reverend’s daughter was invited by ministry of Tourism to perform at their dinner last weekend at the Sheraton, she did not leave her creepy-crawly friend named Britney behind.

Granted, she was performing for conservationists and lovers of wildlife, and everything was going well until she put the reptile on the floor. It started slithering its way towards the audience.

The wildlife lovers and conservationists on the first tables jumped, leaving behind plates full of their sumptuous dinner. That is when the singer realised not everybody loves snakes.

She reached for it by the tail. Swinging it back until it recoiled on her right arm. Meanwhile, the camera people were capturing the action with zoom lenses from afar.

Just watch it, G-Snake one of these days a superman from the audience will squash that pet of yours under his expensive boot to save the damsels in distress! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

UWA recognises The Observer for promoting tourism

Last Friday, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) launched the Conservation theme song Follow Me To Uganda, sang by Patrick Musasizi aka Chosen Blood. Handing over the certificate, UWA’s executive director Andrew Seguya lauded The Observer for the good work done in promoting conservation issues and marketing Uganda as a tourist destination.

Simon Musasizi received the accolade on behalf of the publication.

Krackers cracking up as well

What used to be a musicians’ thing – failing to pay their curtain raisers – has spread to even comedians. Word on the grapevine is that comedians Bright Onak, Ronnie McVex and Kapale are not laughing or making anyone laugh, anymore.

After the recent Africa Laughs Season II organized by Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi, some local comedians who performed at Imperial Royale hotel did not get paid, to their chagrin.

Well, one thing is for sure, it is not funny!

Halloween just came and went

So, Kampala celebrated Halloween last weekend. And to Star Trail’s surprise, revellers actually followed the dress code. It wasn’t a full house like organizers had anticipated and only a few people accepted to have their faces painted. The organizers had promised a horror movie but that didn’t happen.

Even Taarab band that was supposed to light up the night was not at its best. They came on towards 11pm with Kiswahili songs for a Ugandan crowd. Hmm. It was at the fashion show that organizers really outdid themselves, with the Dracula Untold outfit standing out.

On Friday, another Halloween night was on in Silk Ocean. It was dubbed the Dance in the Dark Halloween party. They had the whole place decorated with a gothic setting and it was better attented and organised. Still…

It was a quiet Halloween weekend. In these parts of the world, our daily, normal lives are scary enough, it seems we want happy themes.

Source : The Observer

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