Star Trail – Vampino Bounced From Shaggy’s Dressing Room

Many people were star struck by the star power put together for the mega fest performances by Club beer.

The girls could not take enough selfies with Nigeria’s Burna Boy, in spite of his wardrobe malfunction when his pants ripped in the middle during his energetic performance. The artistes who were lucky to access the musicians also used the chance to make history.

Vampino thought that after performing he could just walk into Shaggy’s room for an autograph or at least to talk about a collabo. To his dismay, he was bounced along with his crew. No amount of sweet-talking could let him through. The mean bouncers just looked on. He had to lead his crew away to a corner where they were heard cursing over cigarettes.

Is there beef between Patra and Shaggy?

There was a lot of drama backstage at the Club Mega Fest last Saturday at Namboole stadium. Perhaps that was expected at such a big do with so many artistes lined up to perform. Remember, each one comes with a their own ego and demands.

But what the organisers had not anticipated was the evident beef between the Jamaicans, Shaggy and Patra. The legendary dancehall queen was on fire, screaming at the top of her voice in Jamaican patois, protesting her room being near Shaggy’s.

At one point, she threw out members of her crew.

Security was further tightened to avoid any direct confrontation between Shaggy’s and Patra’s teams. Apparently they have beef that is better understood in their home country, Jamaica. At least she had no problem bumping and grinding on the same stage as Shaggy later.

New club opens in Kabalagala

The entertainment scene in Kabalagala continues to get competitive. This follows the opening of a new nightclub, Club Cyclone on Tirupati Mazima mall, the same building that houses Club Venom. The club, which officially opens this Friday (September 26), opened to the public last Friday at an invite-only event attended by Jyotsna Ruparelia and Tirupati mall’s owner Miraj Barot.

There was entertainment from comedian Alex Muhangi, whose jokes appealed more to Ugandans than the Indian guests who just looked at him. There was also a mini fashion show. As the club officially opens this Friday, a number of artists are lined up to perform, among them Grace Nakimera, Navio and Cindy. Good luck, Venom, Star Trail must say.

Gravity, please!

Gravity Omutujju takes himself – or is it his name – too seriously. At the weekend Club Mega Fest in Namboole stadium, Gravity in a gravity-defying stunt and moment of incomparable braveness, did the unthinkable.

The Luga-Flo artiste, as he performed his latest collabo with Golden band’s Catherine Kusasira, attempted to sweep her off her feet. Literally. He tried to carry the chunky Kusasira, with quite comical results. The pair ended up in a messy heap on the ground. Messy, because Kusasira was wearing a really short dress and, well… there were tens of thousands of eyes on them.

Anyway, for weightlifting, try the gym brother. Forces of gravity outside the gym can be tricky.

Source : The Observer

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