Star Trail – the Mayanjas Robbed By Kids

Pius Mayanja (Pallaso) and Douglas Mayanja (Weasel) will live to remember their performances over the weekend at the Buzz Leavers Rock 2014, at Garden City mall.

The two unsuspecting brothers had it rough when the excitable teenagers snatched their bling bling. The incidents did not occur at the same time. Pallaso performed earlier in the day.

Getting carried away by the big crowd and responsive crowd, he fell into the crowd twice. He was not lucky the second time as his gold Versace necklace was stolen by one of the teenagers in the crowd.

Weasel came on later and what befell him was daylight robbery. As he bent to interact with his fans, one jumped and yanked the necklace off and disappeared into the crowd.

Their older brother Joseph Mayanja (Chameleone) must have got the message and stayed a distance away from the long-fingered children as he performed.

Eh! These kids. Seriously?

Ivan Semwanga… sigh!

The Ba-summer (Ugandans from the diaspora) are back and top of the list is Ivan Semwanga, Zari Hussein’s troubled ex-boyfriend (husband really. Seeing as they had a traditional marriage. But the way mother-of-three Zari switches men these days, one would be forgiven for forgetting).

Well, Ivan decided he is not attending the Zari White Party which he, until last year, also bankrolled. He has decided to get his other friends and book what they call, Made of Money Rich Gang Spenders Party at Silk Liquid on December 23. According to Silk Liquid management, Ivan will be alongside King Lawrence, Cheune and Kasha, all of them his buddies from South Africa, where he is based.

Now, don’t ask Star Trail what these people do or their real names they never reveal that. Mbu they spend money and are the first people to get Elvis Sekyanzi – the Silk boss – to accept a private party at his Silk Liquid which only opened this year.

And if they wanted to send out a message, they succeeded with their choice of club, where, Star Trail has heard, a shot costs Shs 40,000. The party is invite-only and also an open bar affair. Kampala is never short of drama.

Arab Money party for December 18

So, the war between Zari Hussein and Judith Heard is far from over. Zari and Heard have been in catfights over men, money, cars, who has a better body – you name any childish contest and these two will compete.

Confirmation from Cayenne Lounge management is that Susan Ochola and Heard have booked the place for their annual Arab Money Party on December 18, the same date as Zari’s Ciroc White Party, featuring her rumoured beau Diamond Platinum, at Guvnor for Shs 30,000.

The Arab Money event requires guests to wear fashion inspired by the Arabs, and to show how many zeros they have in the bank account. Ochola told Star Trail her event, which will have everyone pay Shs 70,000, is going to be different because everyone gets drinks on the house, which is not the case at the White Party as people will have to buy their own drinks.

But now, Ochola and Heard this drinks are ‘on the house’ thingy. Bannange… the ticket is at Shs 70,000 so, short of throwing a certain Davido into the mix, the drinks cannot be anything else, but free!

Anyway, that is the same date for Chameleone’s one million-shilling concert at Serena hotel, at which First Lady Janet Museveni will be guest of honour. Chamili has already availed cheaper tickets too – at Shs 500,000 and Shs 200,000 – to rule out embarrassment, possibly.

Well, well, well… fireworks just, as we wait to tell you who flopped, who rocked.

Oops! Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John has entertained huge crowds during his career. But one of his most popular performances of late is perhaps one he would rather forget – not least because he didn’t plan it.

The legendary pop star was left red-faced when he spectacularly fell off his chair during a tennis event at London’s Royal Albert hall on Sunday. The Your Song crooner was at the Statoil Masters event when the gaffe happened, much to the delight of online onlookers.

There were audible gasps from the crowd as the 67-year-old singer fell backwards off his chair. He was watching Team Elton John take on Team Billie Jean King in a tennis exhibition event held to raise funds for his Aids foundation.

But Elton quickly brushed himself off and got back to his feet before watching his team suffer a 16-22 defeat as former British No 1 Tim Henman rolled back the years with a clinching victory against former US Open champion Andy Roddick. Within hours, a Vine clip of the incident was watched nearly half a million times, which sees him sweep two other empty deck chairs away with him – before being helped up by stewards.

Adding to the humiliation, a host of sporting stars including John McEnroe, Martina Hingis and Heather Watson saw it happen.

Naturally, Twitter is alight with jokes about his track I’m Still Standing, not to mention one of his famous lyrics ‘It’s a little bit funny’…

One person even described the clip as perhaps the ‘funniest Vine clip of the year’. Fortunately, the singing superstar did not appear to be seriously hurt.

Source : The Observer

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