Star Trail – Musicians Curse Hope Mukasa Over Missing Royal Opportunity

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s birthday celebrations on April 13 might have ended on a high note but not for a section of musicians.

Top musicians are bitter about the way Hope Mukasa, one of the organisers, allegedly dropped them from the list of performers. The most bitter is Mathias Walukagga, whom Star Trail bumped into at Bulange recently.

The Kadongokamu star is a renowned Buganda loyalist who regularly performs at this annual event, given the fact that many of his compositions lean towards the kingdom or praise the Kabaka.

“He [Mukasa] shamelessly told me the organizing committee had dropped me from the list of performers, but I knew it was a lie because I don’t even ask for any pay to perform for my king,” Walukagga lamented. “That man [Mukasa] had selfish reasons.”

Mesach Semakula was also upset to learn from Mukasa at the eleventh hour that he was not a requirement at the event that attracted thousands. Star Trail also discovered that several artistes had composed an all-star tribute song dubbed Amazaalibwa Ga Kabaka, but failed to gain access to the venue. These included Bebe Cool, David Lutalo, Walukagga, Lexus Kalema, King Saha and GNL Zamba.

The musicians blame Mukasa for excluding them from the list — although Saava Karim gave ‘personal reasons’ as the cause of the absence of his colleagues. Most damningly, Mukasa is also accused of leaving out Uganda’s top band Afrigo.

“He had beef with the band and said it openly that they [Afrigo] would not be allowed to perform at the Kabaka’s birthday,” another angry musician alleged.


In a moving speech by AK 47’s girlfriend during his funeral, she said her trip back to Uganda from the USA had been to baptize their twins not to bury their (twins’) father.

Five weeks after the Champion singer, Emmanuel Mayanja AK 47, passed away under mysterious circumstances, the twins have finally been baptized. Their uncle Pallaso posted a picture of himself carrying the girls dressed in white with a caption “Guess who got baptized today in the name of God?? The twins!! ###MyBabies.”

Star Trail loves the way you have stepped up to take care of your late little brother’s family, Pallaso. Well done!


Miss Tourism Heritage Belgium, Jennifer Den Haese, is in Uganda. She arrived last week on the invitation of Miss Heritage Uganda, Aisha Nagudi.

This is the second time she is coming to Uganda. The first time she was here, she opened up an orphanage in Entebbe. Nagudi and Haese met in South Africa where they represented their respective countries in the Miss Heritage World pageant last year.

Haese, who is also an air hostess with SN Brussels Airlines, will visit different parts of Uganda and she comes at a time when Miss Tourism, organized by the ministry of Tourism, wildlife and antiquities, is fronting celebration of cultural diversity.

She also carried some chocolate that was shared with those that attended the press conference at the ministry headquarters.


Star Trail has learnt that the South African diva Yvonne Chaka Chaka checked into Protea hotel in Entebbe last week after being booked in by an NGO.

Apparently, she was here to perform at a charity event against cancer. However, photos showed her performing at a wedding hosted at Chobe Safari Lodge in Murchison Falls national park.

The couple must be not your average spring chickens, if they can sing along to Chaka Chaka!


Last Saturday, Namilyango College Old Boys Association (NACOBA) hosted a dinner in honour of Chief Justice Bart Katureebe at Protea hotel.

It was a glamorous night, with limited speeches but plenty of food and drinks, to celebrate Katureebe’s recent appointment as chief justice. The Ngonians’ excitement was understandable Katureebe is the first old boy to hold the coveted CJ post.

Some of the high-profile Namilyango College alumni in attendance included former ambassador and minister Ssemakula Kiwanuka, human rights activist Dr Livingstone Ssewanyana, Buganda government constitutional affairs’ minister Apollo Makubuya, and BBC journalist Allan Kasujja, who was master of ceremonies on the night.

In his remarks, Katureebe, who was accompanied by his wife Bernadette, daughters Dr Cornelia and Phionah, sons Bernard and Ronald, promised to live up to the expectations of his OBs by raising standards of the judiciary.

On a lighter note, Katureebe disclosed that whenever he listens to Kasujja on BBC’s News Day programme, he assures his family members, “that big voice makes me proud because the presenter is from Namilyango.”

Katureebe also cracked many jokes, including how he met Bernadette during a train trip in 1969 (she was at Mt St Mary’s College Namagunga and he was in S5 at Namilyango) and recalled the one-paragraph letters they used to exchange.

Source : The Observer


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