Star Trail – Is Roger Mugisha Rediscovering Himself?

In 2003, he made headlines when he walked up to the Kansanga Miracle Centre church pulpit to denounce his evil ways as The Shadow, as well as his strippers group, Shadow’s Angels.

Roger Mugisha then embarked on school and church tours where he talked about the underworld and all those scary things of human sacrifice and Satanism he was too changed that he even dumped his radio deejaying job.

Well, temporarily. Roger went back to Kfm – no harm in that, really. Then newspaper stories surfaced that he was living with three women in a polygamous arrangement that had also yielded a couple of children. His church mentors shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

And then last Saturday, Roger was at Adrift Uganda in Jinja, partying like a rock star.

In the company of three girls, they partied like they invented the word they shared tequilas and random kisses. By 2pm, the four were taking shots directly off the bottles before they walked off to some unknown destination.

Whatever happened to this man of God!?

USA-based George Mulindwa back

He was one time referred to as the Lucky Dube of Uganda, and the USA-based singer George Mulindwa has bounced back onto the music scene to give local musicians a run for their money. Mulindwa, who has been away for a very long time, has completed a full album that his manager says will show he is here to compete.

Mulindwa was once one of the bright lanterns of Uganda’s music industry. When he left Uganda he was a household name with Mike Kakande’s New Generation Africa. He is back to reclaim his throne.

To kick off his return, Mulindwa has done a full-length reggae album. The album includes a duet with Mesach Ssemakula, Abantu Bazibu. The songs depict maturity and musical excellence in both composition and production.

Condoms are superheroes in Kamdini

Ugandans have been told, over and over, that when used correctly and consistently, condoms prevent sexually-transmitted infections. Going by some of their comments, however, (such as -“Why eat a wrapped sweet?”) we can safely say some Ugandans’ attitude to condoms is still poor.

Commercial sex workers operating in Kamdini, Oyam district, northern Uganda, appear to be different, however. One man, who was part of a survey on condom use carried out last year, says the survey showed that sex workers in Kamdini were using 3,000 condoms a month.

“That is a lot of sex!” he remarked.

“That is a lot of protection,” we say, and laud the sex workers, not for their choice of occupation, but for protecting themselves. Kamdini is rife with commercial sex workers servicing [ahem] truck drivers to and from South Sudan.

Salt FM back on air

House of Prayer Ministries International’s Pastor Aloysius Bugingo can now smile after acquiring a new radio frequency, 107FM. The man of God was initially conned when his Salt FM was given a frequency [87.7 FM] owned by MP Moses Balyeku. It was blocked as he was about to launch it after his church purchased the radio station at Shs 600m.

During a lunch hour fellowship at Bat Valley theatre, Bugingo held a special prayer for the radio station and his followers were heard praising the Lord for answering their prayers.

Are Ssekandi, Otunnu friends?

The man did not vote for himself when he ran for president. The same man, Dr Olara Otunnu, last week stood out of the crowd in a kitenge when all people were in red – his Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party colours – including the ‘yellow-man’ Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi.

Ssekandi was the chief walker at a charity walk to raise money for construction of a multi-floor classroom block at Budo Junior School. The two men coming from rival parties were seen walking together, laughing and conversing. They were joined by Wakiso district LC-V Chairman Matia Lwanga Bwanika, a staunch Democratic Party member, as more than Shs 50m in cash and pledges was raised.

Ssekandi contributed Shs 10m towards the project expected to cost at least Shs 500m. The chairman of the school management committee, Rev Canon Jonathan Kisawuzi, said the new classroom block to be completed in six months would go a long way in reducing congestion at the school.

Source : The Observer

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