Star Trail – Desire Sells Shoes for Rosemary Nankabirwa [analysis]

In a bid to save Rosemary Nankabirwa (now deceased), almost every notable Kampalan tried what they could to raise money for specialized treatment.

As NTV staff were busy washing people’s cars for Shs 50,000, Desire Luzinda was selling her shoes for the same cause.

In a post shared on her Facebook page, the Kitone singer noted: “You may not have cash but anything that can be exchanged for cash is worth using to save a soul. In this regard, I am selling off my shoes at a giveaway price and all proceeds go to Rosemary Nankabirwa’s fundraising. For those interested, please inbox and beware all shoes are size 39.”

However, after the anchor was pronounced dead on Sunday afternoon, Desire still posted to tell those that had participated in her shoe sale that she was going to hand over the money to Josephine Karungi as a condolence fee from Desire and fans.

Desire once told The Observer that she estimates her shoes collection at 200 pairs. Going by the heap she posted for the sale, Star Trail now believes her.


Bebe Cool was on a high last week even when he does not want to believe Channel O was switched off, his video is allegedly doing well on MTV Base.

‘Allegedly’, because all the pictures Star Trail has seen of the video playing on the channel show that it is being rotated on Tweet Request. In fact, this has gotten many doubting whether the video is indeed getting heavy rotation or it is only played on one show, or, Bebe and his Gagamel Phamily are simply sharing the same picture over and over.

But, whatever… a day later, Bebe debuted his Old Skool video on NTV’s The Beat – we shall talk about the video later – but in the same week on Saturday, Everywhere I Go clinched the number-one spot on the syndicated Taffy Raw Africa Top 20 countdown.

It is ahead of songs such as Cassper Nyovest’s Ghetto, Burna Boy’s Rockstar and Davido and Uhuru’s The Sound. Bebe is the only East African artiste in the top ten Jose Chameleone and his Oh Mrembowe comes at number 17.

Well-done, Bebe.


Separated at birth? Nambooze and Semakula

Have you noticed the striking resemblance between Golden band singer Mesach Ssemakula and MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke?

Many people believe they may be more than just friends and actually related. The similarity is almost spooky!

A photo of the Tukwegomba Bangi singer and Nambooze was one of the most shared on Facebook since Sunday. The photo was taken during Sunday morning’s Kabaka run. Earlier on, Mesach and Ronald Mayinja had put on a spirited performance for the crowd.


She has been selling herself as a sex pot to push copies of her new album Rebel Heart. But not everyone thinks she’s the cat’s meow. After belting out Express Yourself to Drake at Coachella on Sunday night, Madonna pulled the 28-year-old singer back to plant a kiss on his lips, making out with him for at least three seconds.

What the 56-year-old mother-of-four didn’t see was that when she was finished, the musician looked horrified, even wiping his mouth. The eighties pop star looked confident as she went in for the bold kiss.

Wearing a black tank top that said Big As Madonna, hot pants with stockings that showed off her toned legs, and a pair of kinky boot heels, she sauntered over to Drake, who was sitting in a chair.

The blonde beauty pulled back his head after caressing his cheek in a shock move.

For moments afterwards, Drake scowled and grimaced as he wiped his mouth disgustedly. Poor Madge!


Renowned CBS FM presenter and comedian, Kato Lubwama, is sad and blue, even with the brand new facilities in his chest. The comedian’s problem is, he doesn’t know how many people “own” his heart.

He may carry the heart, but he has discovered that the organ has shareholders in the form of whoever contributed towards an expensive heart surgery he underwent at the beginning of this year.

In January, the radioman was flown to India where he underwent successful heart surgery. He had been diagnosed with Triple Vessels Disease (TVD) but since he could not raise the funds required for the surgery, the Kaliisoliiso crew launched an appeal, and within weeks, the money had been realised.

What is annoying the now-healthy-looking comedian and aspiring politician, however, is that he cannot take a decision without a shareholder of the heart butting in.

His worst experience was on April 12 at Lubiri, Mengo. He was ready to take part in the Kabaka’s birthday run but the other shareholders of his heart could not allow him to “use their heart” for the strenuous marathon. He was overheard cursing why he had allowed several other people to buy shares in his heart!

Source : The Observer


Mak Launches Huawei ICT Academy

The Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and National Guidance, Hon. Frank K. Tumwebaze has called for equipping of students with hands-on skills to enable them fit into this fast growing economy. He was speaking at the Makerere …