Star Trail – Chameleone to ‘Discipline’ Pallaso

Last week Pallaso (Chameleone’s kid brother, Pius Mayanja) and his manager Jeff Kiwanuka went to Weasel (Chameleone’s other kid brother, Douglas Mayanja) and Radio’s home in Makindye to shoot a video, but events descended into a fight.

The scuffle left Weasel’s pregnant fianceacutee bleeding after she was stoned. The pair is still silent over the issue, but Chameleone, who describes himself as their ‘father’, over the weekend told Star Trail: “I can’t allow this to happen we have had issues in the past.

I also have made my share of mistakes but I can’t let this happen between my brothers. I am going to discipline Pallaso, military style. The industry doesn’t need this.”

Well, he did not say how he was going to discipline him, but one thing is for sure, the Mayanja boys are such drama ‘queens’!

Phiona Bizzu, please!

Phiona Bizzu was Miss Uganda 2012, in case you have forgotten her. She got the similar lashing the current Miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka is getting especially on social media. But Bizzu is making sure she is not quickly forgotten.

She was called upon at the grand finale to witness Leah’s crowning, because Stellah Nantumbwe is representing Uganda in the Big Brother Africa house and could not make it there. Since then, she has become the self-appointed Miss Uganda 2014 chaperon, complete with her own tiara.

The latest was at the premiere of Luzira: Escape from Uganda, all dressed up in a shiny green dress while her counterpart wore a less glamorous, albeit beautiful, coffee-brown gown. The bigger, shiny crown saved Leah’s thunder.

We are not hating, dear Bizzu, but please take a seat and remove the tiara! To the left, to the left, already. Let Leah shine. Thank you.

KFC replaces Ban cafeacute at Oasis mall:

Ugandans clearly love their junk food. Either that, or they just love new things, and the new thing in town is presently KFC, the American chicken and fast food franchise.

So enamoured are Kampalans by the fast food joint that they hardly notice their former bestie, Nandos, as they sneak dejectedly out of town!

In less than two years, the KFC has opened outlets at Village mall, Bugoloobi, Acacia mall, Kamwokya and soon to come, at Oasis mall next to Garden City. The people behind the Shs 99,000 chicken buckets are refurbishing the premises formerly occupied by Ban Cafeacute at the mall entrance, and chicken lovers will not have to drive to the suburbs anymore for a taste of Obama’s budget life.

Afrigo gets new home:

Life has not been the same for Afrigo band fans since they left New Club Obbligato early this year. The venue, also known as Little Flowers along Bombo road, was extremely popular due to its strategic location.

However, KCCA’s recent crackdown on noise pollution meant Afrigo had to perform in a conducive environment that would not inconvenience neighbouring facilities. So, as Obbligato undergoes a facelift that will include installation of sound-proof equipment, the band’s fans have been following to venues including Mona Lisa in Kabuusu, Lavanda hotel in Lugala, and most recently, Jazzville in Bugoloobi.

But the band’s fan base fell for Paka Complex as their favourite venue if Star Trail is to go by numbers and overall ambience. So popular has Paka become that the band has decided to turn it into their home base for Saturday gigs, for now.

Paka Complex may be little-known beyond the confines of Zana and Namasuba, but for Afrigo fans, it is the perfect substitute for Obbligato.

Situated on the Entebbe road shortly after the Zana roundabout, Paka is an expansive area that includes a hotel, guesthouse and bar, not to mention a specially-designed dais and dancing zone for fans, as well as an ample parking space. Having been there for the first time last weekend, Star Trail could not ask for a better hangout every Saturday.

Santa Anzo joins ‘Team No Sleep’

Santa Anzo is one of Uganda’s top fashion designers and a hard-working lady, indeed. She has spent the previous weeks preparing to represent Uganda at the Kigali Fashion Week (KFW) as well putting together Mavuno Yetu, an event that brings together East Africans to celebrate, wine and dine at Lake Victoria Serena Resort scheduled for this Friday.

As soon as KFW ended, she had a few hours to return to Kampala for the final press conference and welcoming the beauty queens from other countries. She made it in time for the Sunday afternoon event, but donned shades most of the time to hide her tired eyes, and had a standby waiter to keep her coffee cup full, plus a steady supply of honey. Keep hustling.

Source : The Observer

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