Star Trail – CBS Bans Sseruga Song

Golden Production’s Fred Sseruga and his fianceacutee Catherine Kusasira are breaking up (again!) after just less than a year of patching things up.

The couple, which was organizing an introduction ceremony later this year, has split up again with Sseruga accusing a one Kiwanuka of snatching his wife. Clearly, Sseruga has not paid much attention to the lyrics of Beyonce Knowles’ hit, Single Ladies. There is no “snatching” to be talked about, sir, if you did not see it fit to “put a ring on it”!

Kiwanuka is a former Operation Wembley guy who has now even bought Kusasira a brand new Toyota Harrier and the two already live together in Mengo.

This prompted Sseruga, who has children with Kusasira, to compose an abusive song, Lengera Zolo, where he abuses the man – presumably Kiwanuka – calling him all sorts of names.

When he took the song to CBS they rejected it.

“We don’t play ‘political’ songs it is just the way we didn’t play songs such as Tuleppuke, Bwiino w’Omutembeeyi (Mathias Walukagga beefing with Salongo ‘Samona’ Kasawuli), Twakutegedde (Eagles Production telling off an alleged real-life detractor),” Henry Mpinga Ssempijja, CBS’ deputy programmes mananager, told Star Trail.

Sseruga left CBS crestfallen but there were two consolations: one, other radio stations played it two, every time Kusasira leaves him, his creative juices kick in. Remember Kiti Kya Muwogo, Enkola Ya Boda, etc?

All were thanks to Kusasira dumping him. So, look at the silver lining, mate.

I won’t back down – Chameleone

Self-proclaimed Ugandan number one star, Jose Chameleone has reaffirmed that his Shs 1m concert was not a joke and has to go on as planned. The show dubbed One Man, One Artiste, One Million is slated for December 19 at Serena hotel’s Victoria hall.

This comes after KCCA banned all outdoor concerts in the city. Some outdoor venues can hold tens of thousands of fans in one show, thus making it possible for artistes to charge less and still turn a profit.

But with the indoor venues such as Serena’s Vitoria hall that can only accommodate hardly more than a thousand patrons at a go, artistes are seeking to compensate by going corporate and selling tickets expensively. Maybe this will also give fans more corporate voices and lyrics! Otherwise,…

Digital ticketing for Bebe Cool’s show

In a bid to leave a tangible mark on Uganda’s entertainment scene, Bebe Cool is set to pioneer different ventures next month. On August 18, the Nkola Byafaayo singer will be giving out five scholarships to university students.

It will coincide with Bebe Cool’s showcase of his best works in a show entitled: Serena Yaffe – The Best of Bebe Cool at the Serena hotel, Kampala.

On the same event, Bebe Cool will launch his digital-ticketing. The digital ticket will be a swipe card, like an ATM card, and it will work beyond the Serena Yaffe show.

It will come with other privileges including using it for other events. The show has already raised many an eyebrow with its Shs 5m price tag for a table, but trust Kampalans they will be there. The children’s school fees can wait!

Rwakataka on remand

Rally driver Ponsiano Rwakataka has had the worst of weeks. His baby-fish was impounded and donated to people of Kasese, and now he is remanded at Mubuku prison. Lwakataka is alleged to have drawn a gun on law enforcement officers when they came to arrest him. He was, however, arrested on Thursday on Jinja road and transferred that very night to Kasese, where his crimes were committed.

He denies all the offences but that is no guarantee that he will be feeling his bed’s comforts any time soon. The rally fraternity is planning to rescue their man, but it is not going to be easy as chief magistrate Agatonica Mbabazi remanded him till July 23.

Lwakataka has for some weeks been at the centre of an illegal fishing of immature fish controversy, which he does, according to fishermen in Ssese islands and other landing sites, with impunity.

He should have seen red the day he started dragging in fisheries minister Ruth Nankabirwa’s name and office, and if that was not enough, UPDF boss Gen Katumba Wamala’s interest in the case should have been enough for him to take a chill-pill.

But instead, the dude has been all over TVs justifying his actions and dissing “Above”. (You know, orders from Above?)

Showbiz league launched

Hipipo, an online entertainment magazine, last month launched a showbiz football league. Teams such as Team No Sleep, Goodlyfe, Bobi Wine’s Fire Base, Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Phamily, Golden band and Da Nu Eagles will play against one another. Just imagine Fire Base vs. Gagamel!

Ambulances better be on standby for that one!

Gagamel demolished Hipipo, 6-1 at Kampala Parents Sports grounds, Bukoto. Then Hipipo beat the much-hyped Firebase Army 2-0 last weekend.

Now, going by such math, if Gagamel beat Hipipo 6-1, and the same Hipipo beat Firebase 2-0, should we look forward to a Germany-Brazil repeat the day Gagamel meets Firebase on the pitch?

Kere Kere bounced at Kyadondo

Ugandans love free things, but even free things come at a price. Comedian Collins Mulindwa aka Afande Kere Kere did not keep that in mind last Saturday as Uganda took on Kenya in the rugby Elgon Cup.

Organizers had a VIP tent at Kyadondo rugby grounds with an open bar, but it was an invite-only area. Kere Kere thought he did not need an invite because of his jokes and also considering he is a referee for the Rugby Union.

He was shocked when the bouncers did not find him funny. Even the old line of ‘you don’t know who I am’ could not save him from being bounced.

Zari’s boyfriend goes into hiding

Recently Kampala woke up to Farouk Ssempala’s leaked nude pictures all over social media. Ssempala is making news for being the man that snatched socialite Ivan Semwanga’s wife, Zari Hussein.

It was not clear who leaked the pictures, but Zari went nuts on Facebook, threatening to unleash nude pictures of Semwanga whom she is accusing of buying the nude pictures and posting them online. Now Ssempala has gone into hiding to let the incident blow over. His Facebook status shows he is in South Africa.

Bobi and his timekeeping!

Why does His Excellency Bobi Wine think the sun rises and sets in his celebrity backside? That man and his poor timekeeping and mannerisms can make one forget how wonderful his song, Nebwebuliba Obugagga, is.

Bobi Wine was recently scheduled to travel to the Karamoja sub-region on a safe motherhood programme, organized for by a big organization in Kampala. He was asked to turn up at a particular time for the chartered flight.

His Excellency had other ideas, however. He waltzed into Entebbe airport several hours late and without so much as an apology, boarded the plane. He had kept several people, including that organisation’s country director – and Star Trail! – waiting.

Talk about taking someone out of the ghetto, but failing to take the ghetto out of him. It is nice to be important, but more important to be nice, you know!

Source : The Observer

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