Star Trail – Bobi Wine Causes Stampede

Singer Bobi Wine’s late arrival at Keron’s burial ground at Matugga-Kiryagonja caused a lot of excitement among the locals.

Soon, he found himself surrounded by a crowd of people. This crowd expected Bobi Wine to at least address them. However, knowing that this wasn’t a day for speeches, Bobi Wine rushed to the house where Keron’s body was lying for public viewing.

Fortunately, there was a backdoor, which Bobi Wine used to escape from the growing crowd in the compound, waiting for him. He went to the graveyard where he met Keron’s father Amon Lukwago, who was overseeing the final touches to the grave.

And as soon as Amon saw Bobi Wine, he broke down – only to be consoled by Bobi Wine and Roger Mugisha. Bobi Wine spent about 45 minutes at the burial site, but during that time, his fans wanted him to at least say a word to them. He had to use a different route, through the banana plantation to get to his car. And as soon as he got into his car, they drove off, leaving a disappointed crowd.

Katumba’s boys confront Juma Seiko

Juma Seiko’s love for “butaala” is unrivalled. During the burial of singer Julianna Kanyomozi’s son Keron, Seiko, who was excited to have met Moses Golola, took his excitement to the middle of the road where he posed for photographs with the kickboxer.

This gathered crowds and caused jam for about 30 minutes. Among the people who were held up in jam was the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Katumba Wamala. As usual, his guards didn’t take any chances, but to jump off the escort cars to clear the road for their boss. And that is how they ended Seiko and Golola’s amazing moment. Sorry Seiko! Next time, be mindful of other road users.

Silk brings Miss Booty Night

It is the club that brought you pole dancing and the famous bikini nights. And that is not all. They brought you the “wear less, pay less” night.

All the nights left nothing to imagination. And now the club has brought a new night dubbed Miss Booty night. The first Miss Booty night is on tomorrow, Thursday. The club has not revealed much save for the fact that 20 girls are lined up to shake what their mothers gave them.

Revellers will get to choose which girl has the best booty! Talk of trying to stay up with the competition. But eh, oba what will Ethics Minister Simon Lukodo think of this?

Source : The Observer

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