Star Trail – Bad Black, Good Pastor?

Shanita Namuyimbwa, aka Bad Black, can sometimes be so confusing you would be forgiven for thinking she is confused.

A Muslim one day and a born-again Christian the next, Bad Black now appears to be in good books with her former client-turned-boyfriend Greenhalgh, who got her jailed. She has been helping the seemingly confusingconfused Briton to pin her “friend” Meddie Ssentongo.

Close friends now say that Bad Black is a good, self-proclaimed pastor.

Goodlyfe, Jeff feud on

Weasel has always been very quiet and some people alleged that he was betraying his pal Mowzey Radio.

But last Thursday, while at Club Silk, during elder brother Jose Chameleone’s Unplugged show, Weasel dismissed Jeff Kiwanuka’s Team No Sleep (TNS) as Team Nonsense. For months now, the Goodlyfe members do not see eye to eye and they have taken their fights over property to courts of law.

TNS has members such as AK47, Pallaso, Jeff Kiwanuka, Allan Kiwanuka and Sheeba.

Bebe thanks God for another day

After surviving an accident while driving from Lido beach last week, Bebe Cool, together with his Gagamel Phamily, organized a party that involved a football match where his team beat Seeta United 3-1.

Bebe Cool’s Hummer was badly damaged in the accident although the singer and his wife Zuena were not hurt. Eventually, a few goats were the victims of the narrow escape, as the group thanked God for giving them another chance to live.

With a perfect excuse to party, the ‘survival’ celebrations are now set to go on in different parts of the country, ahead of the grand party scheduled for August 8 at Serena hotel.

Bobkins lands Cranes Na Mutima tour deal

Bobkins Kibirige of Kibo Media has been behind the Goodlyfe album launches for some five years, and he has now added a deal for the Cranes Na Mutima regional tours, which started in western Uganda at the weekend.

He will be overseeing the project aimed at popularising the national football team. During the tour, The Cranes will play exhibition games against regional select sides.

Tough Kibuuka shows teary side

When Mesach Ssemakula started singing his Bye Bye song, Cynthia Nangajja, who was introducing her fianceacutee Herbert Kironde, got tears of joy. That was touching, and well, expected.

But when Nangajja’s father Andrew Benon Kibuuka saw his girl crying, he also got his hankie and wiped his eyes. Now, that seemed to up ‘the level’ of the passion, which meant many other guests were fighting tears of their own.

Kibuuka was giving away his daughter last Saturday at Lutembe, off Entebbe road. Until this impassioned moment, Kibuuka was known as a very tough man, not easily shaken by anything. Well, now we know the soft button of this toughie.

Lord Mayor in shorts

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has not been active in the news of late, and some have been wondering what he was up to. Now we have an idea. Last weekend, the city’s omuloodi posted pictures of himself in a pair of shorts on his Facebook page. He was in his compound after some exercises and his toned body suggested he just might be ready for another round of battles with the police.

The caption on the picture read: “Taking a health stroll at home: Nice weekend to you all my dear friends.”

Source : The Observer

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