Spotlight – I Stay On the Greg Look-Out

As it turned out, Chris could not have been more right or more wrong, for that matter we actually did turn into the talk of the event, but I regretted agreeing to go more than I had ever regretted any other bad decision in the recent past.

When we arrived at the venue at a little after seven, there were only a very reasonably small number of people. While this suited me perfectly, Chris, on the other hand, wasn’t at all amused by the lack of a more sizeable audience for our debut re-emergence as a family on the social scene.

Chief among the reasons for this was clear the whole purpose of this outing in the first place was for us to be seen, and since there were hardly any people about, there really weren’t many people around to do the looking.

As well as this, the phrase “fashionably late,” is extremely accurate in the entertainment world, and no real celebrity arrives at an event as early as we had so, he was rather ruffled by the time of our arrival, especially when he did not recognize more than a handful of the people backstage.

However, he soon noticed the silver lining on this apparently dark cloud when several photographers began taking pictures of us, one after the other, so that within the first ten minutes of us being there, at least ten different photographers had each taken numerous pictures of us.

Because we were early, the photographers who always arrived early for such events, had no-one else of much substance to focus on apart from us, and so we pretty much had them all to ourselves.

When we had first arrived, I had been secretly thrilled that there wasn’t much of a crowd, as I had never really got comfortable with having lots of pairs of eyes watching me however, having camera flashes go off in my face every couple of seconds was ten times worse, and although I kept a pleasant smile on my face and fussed over C.G to distract me from the cameramen, I was groaning inside and silently cursing them for treating me like an object, rather than as a person who had a right to a fair degree of privacy.

Nonetheless, just like Chris, I was able to see the bright side of the situation, reasoning to myself that the sooner they had their fill of pictures, the sooner we would be able to leave after all, what Chris had really wanted was publicity. When Chris took C.G from me supposedly to relieve me of his growing weight – though I believed he did it just to attract even more attention – the photographers shifted all their attention to him and it then dawned on me that C.G, and not Chris or I, was their true focus.

For a split second, I was tempted to snatch him back and shield him from their preying lenses, but I knew that apart from causing a huge furor, my action would be in vain. As the child of a celebrity, C.G would always pay the price for his parents’ fame, and much as I wanted to protect him, I knew that was a battle I could never win and, therefore one not worth fighting.

With neither C.G in my possession, nor the photographers scrutinizing and capturing on film my every move, I was free to let my guard down a bit, and I unconsciously found myself looking around, subtly scanning the backstage area. Deep down, I knew I was looking out for Greg among the steadily-growing crowd, even though I wasn’t yet prepared to admit this fact to myself.

The truth, however, was that while part of me was craving even a distant brief glance of him, another part was praying he was not here as his presence would without a doubt unnerve me, and I doubted if even I had the acting ability to appear unmoved by him.

And yet despite the risk factor involved, I wanted him to be here, to see for himself all that he had accomplished when he had given me that firm talking-to in the middle of my living room. However, either fortunately or unfortunately, there was still no sight of him almost an hour later, when C.G began to doze off, and Chris reluctantly agreed that it was time for us to leave.

Source : The Observer

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