Spotlight – Greg to the Rescue

When it came to meals, things were not any different.

I would muster the energy to prepare C.G nutritious blended meals, but would not cook myself or Chris anything, so he begun to carry home take-aways as he came to the realization that there wouldn’t be a hot meal waiting for him when he got home.

Although the demise of my home keeping skills initially infuriated him, and had him stomping around the house picking up items carelessly thrown about, and even noisily doing the dishes, my blank response to his obvious frustration eventually drove home the point that I just didn’t care.

And rather than fight it, Chris adopted to the change in me by staying away from home for longer and longer periods, and never bringing friends over like he used to in the past. This suited me perfectly and so the status quo continued uninterrupted until one afternoon when I had just laid C.G down to sleep, and I heard a car come up the drive.

It had been ages since I had last had anyone drop by unannounced, and the heavy engine didn’t sound familiar, so it was with a fair degree of trepidation that I slowly pulled back the bedroom curtains to peep outside. When I did, what I saw made my heart stop for a minute before beginning to pound wildly for there was Greg looking as cool as ever and casually strolling towards the front door.

I hurriedly let the curtain fall back, as I stepped away from the window praying desperately that he had not spotted me. That, however, turned out to be wishful thinking, especially when after he had knocked on the door twice with no response, he rung my mobile number, only to hear my phone ring clearly from a table close by the living room windows.

At that point, I knew it was pointless to pretend to be out, and so reluctantly opened the door, and greeted him by demanding angrily: “What are you doing here?”

“Are you going to let me in?” he volleyed, his tone tinged by the hint of a dare.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I answered, trying desperately to keep the fluttering in my chest from coming out through a tremble in my voice.

“Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to keep me standing out here on your front porch attracting the attention of any passerby who will no doubt recognize me, and wonder why you’re being so inhospitable. They will then probably come up with a whole host of theories to answer that question, none of which will be anywhere close to accurate, though that won’t stop some of them from making their way into the papers, not to mention to Chris so, it’s really your call Stephanie.

Are you going to let me in so we can talk in private, or are you going to keep me out here and force me to say all I have to in plain view of anyone that finds themselves even mildly curious?” he shot back confidently, his earlier hint of a dare, now a fully fledged challenge.

His options didn’t leave me any choice but to nervously step aside and let him in, then hurriedly close the door behind him “OK, I’ve let you in now do you mind telling me what you’re doing here?”

“Why are you being so hostile?”

“Will you stop answering my questions with one of your own!” I exclaimed angrily, and then taking a deep breath to control myself, went on more calmly, “I’m not being hostile. We agreed to stay out of each others lives, and I’m just confused about why you’re breaking that agreement.”

“People are talking, and because I don’t generally listen to gossip, I came to find out if there is any truth to what they’re saying,” he stated.

“What are they saying?”

“That you’re throwing away your life on Chris. That you’re a shadow of your former self. That you no longer care about the way you look and are losing weight, and that Chris keeps you cooped up in here because he doesn’t want the world to see what being with him is doing to you,” he answered coldly, and then pointedly looked me up and down before slowly extending his gaze to the untidy living room. “From what I can see, they were right.”

Source : The Observer

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