Speaker Kadaga’s performance is good

Recently, I was listening to a talk show on a local FM radio where it was said Rebecca Kadaga has performed poorly as the Speaker of Parliament.

Whoever is accusing the Speaker is forgetting something. The main role of the Speaker during plenary sessions is to preside over the seatings which Kadaga has executed well and she deserves to be credited for that.

The biggest problem is immature multi-party politics .On many occasions, issues have been raised during parliamentary seatings and Members of Parliament have told the Speaker to give them time to go and consult in their parties before they take a stand. Their strongest interest is their parties, not the voters.

It is rare to hear them saying they want to go and consult the people they represent on a certain issue instead they will go to try to and popularise an already established stand.

The Speaker is also accused of not forcing MPs to attend plenary. MPs are mature people who know why they are in Parliament.
Andrew Waiswa ,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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