Some women can drain the life out of you

Matters of the heart can be rather cruel! Trust me, any man who says otherwise is either lying or has not been in the battlefield long enough. He may also just be a coward with a fragile heart. He fears getting his heart broken or his feelings hurt. He is unlike the other who knows that what is broken can be fixed. Either way, tough or not, the dating game is a jungle with various species of the opposite sex.
My stint taught me a couple of things that it is also a school of hard knocks. You either learn or are made to learn. Some take their lessons well in the mode of once bitten, twice shy. Others make the same mistake more than twice until they get a grip. On this one, I am in the bitten and shy group, especially when it comes to these three women species. I do not want anything to do with them.
Sulky Mama: This is the type of girl who always seems depressed or in low moods. It is hard to know if she is sad, angry, happy or excited it is a flatline with no blip. She sulks all the time and I do not like such people. I mean, even the weather changes it rains hard one moment then shines bright the next.
Even in extreme climates, winter turns to spring, summer, autumn and back to winter. But for Sulky Mama, it is Siberian winter all year. So, how the hell does anyone stand negative energy for long?

Noisey Missus: Now this one is a constant irritant. Noise follows her like a shadow, she reminds me of a Sound Solo radio with the knob stuck at high volume. She always seems to be screaming at this or that. She cannot whisper and you have to be at a safe distance to hear what she is saying, without suffering long-term damage to your ear drum. I wonder what happens if she talks in her sleep. I just do not want to know.

Daft Lass: From the few psychology classes I attended at university, I learnt that idiot, imbecile and moron were not insults but terms that describe mental states. But this never prepared me for what we call airheads. These women are a special breed, they have no clue of anything about everything. They ask dumb questions at the most inappropriate time, and offer unsolicited opinions when their little knowledge is least wanted Mbu is xenophobia a disease of the brain? SMH!
But one thing that baffles me is that they have good timing. Daft Lass is only good as a sidekick in a comedy show but not as a better half. See her on stage, laugh, curtain fallsend of story.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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