Some NRM members secretly support Opposition – Engola

Gulu- NRM vice chairman for Northern region and Erute North MP Sam Engola has said NRM has few genuine supporters in the region. Mr Engola was replying to Aswa County MP Reagan Okumu allegations that NRM supporters in Gulu District masquerade as party loyalists but believe in Opposition ideologies.

“What Mr Okumu said is true. Locals support us outwardly, but when it comes to elections, votes are nowhere to be seen,” Mr Engola told the Daily Monitor by telephone yesterday.

He added: “I was in Aswa last week and the NRM support there is overwhelming but when time for voting comes, it is usually the opposite.”

Mr Okumu told Journalists at his office last week that most NRM supporters in the district are just seeking opportunities.

“Most of these NRM officials or supporters are looking for opportunities. Some of them have even confessed to us that they are wearing the yellow shirts for the sake of enjoying benefits in NRM but are Opposition at heart,” Mr Okumu said.

He added that most supporters, for instance, agree with the Opposition on the urgent need to liberate the country from the rule of President Museveni.
While his assertion is not backed by any research, the Opposition candidates have always had a field day in northern Uganda where their candidates are always voted overwhelmingly.

However, the NRM administrator in Gulu District, Mr Simon Komakech, dismissed Mr Okumu’s claims as baseless, saying the truth will come out in 2016.
“Come 2016, even those positions held by the Opposition will be taken by NRM. We have done strong mobilisation on the ground,” he said.

How Gulu voted in 2016 elections
In 2011 general elections, DP’s Nobert Mao got 36,225 votes (47 per cent). Mr Museveni (NRM) garnered 24,590 votes (29 per cent) while Dr Kizza Besigye (FDC) got 17,467 votes (20.62 per cent). Of the four MPs from Gulu District three subscribe to FDC. They are Mr Okumu, Christopher Acire (Gulu Municipality) and Betty Aol Ocan (District Woman MP). Only Omoro County MP also deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah belongs to the ruling NRM.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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