Somalis Linked to Alshabaab Brought Before a Court in Uganda

Ten Somalis including two women were brought before court in Kampala Uganda so that they can answer allegations that they are terrorists who especially have links with Alshabaab.

They were among other suspects who were arrested by Ugandan police from suburbs of Kampala on 18thSeptember. Those brought before court in Kampala this morning were also prosecuted that they were illegally staying inside Uganda. Their names are Abdi Abukar Hirsi, Abdi Abdullahi Bootaan, Yussuf Osman Hussein, Hassan Abdiwali Mohamed, Mohamed Ahmed Geele, Abdi Mohamed, Abdulkadir Mohamed, Yasmin Abdullahi and Hodan Ahmed Dahir.

There is also eleventh person who is a Kenyan Somali company manager by the name Mohamed Yussuf Farah. They were however remanded again as their cases will be heard on 7thOctober.

Prosecutors said they will be charged in accordance with the anti terror law especially Section 8 of it. This anti terror law was made in 2002.

Source : Dalsan Radio


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