Silk in Foursome Fashion Show

Club Silk pulled off a rare move last Thursday when they lined up four fashion designers for the monthly fashion night.

Usually they have a pair or at most three designers, but with the year winding down, the nightclub had to accommodate the designers before the last fashion show next month.

It was a trio of promising up-starters in the industry: Noel Nabesezi of Noel Fashions, Divine Prossie of BDT Fashions and Cissy Mirembe of C-Fashions.

They were headlined by seasoned fashion designer Stella Atal. This packaged lineup left the night with no musical breaks, which is usually graced by upcoming musicians.

BDT Fashions:

The designer showcased long and short dresses, and casual wear. But the long dresses didn’t have anything eye-catching, not even those eye-dazzling slits, which movie stars have at movie premieres.

They tried with the short dresses but it was just a fair showing. Perhaps they will improve with time.


Mirembe has to be commended for creativity her choice of models was dazzling. She showcased what she called ‘party skimpy style’ for those that want to attend parties with something skimpy but not slutty.

She then had short African wear, which she mixed with a contemporary look, giving the outfits an Afro-centric touch. Lastly, she showcased long African dresses, which were more like what she had showcased earlier.

Noel Fashions:

Nabesezi was the crowd’s favourite. She had the small crowd cheer her on every time her models were onstage. She had a white collection with a bridal touch, but they were dresses one would wear for a ballroom event.

She nailed it with her African wear, where she had long dresses made out of bark cloth, decorated with African beads. They were outfits that would make one proud to be Ugandan.

Stella Atal:

Given her rich fashion history, she tried to have a bit of everything in the choice of her models. For instance, she had a plus-size model that the crowd loved. She also brought on the runway Karitas Karisimbi but what has happened to this former TV star? She has developed stage fright.

Karitas looked like caught between headlights – to the extent that she had to wear a hut for the cameramen not to catch her face.

She should have stayed home if she wasn’t up to the task! Atal had ‘Afro-century’ designs intended to show the evolution of fashion – with ‘urban collection’ where she pulled it blending old and new designs on vogue.

And finally was the ‘artistic wearable’ where she showed her art in design and mixture of fabric and themes, which is not easy for the common eye to notice.

Silk intends to crown the year with a fashion party next month that will bring together all the designers that have showcased in the club since the start of the year.

Source : The Observer

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