Signs that your partner feels insecure

Relationships are meant to be blissful and when you find that one person who makes you happy, you do not want to lose them. Sometimes love will make you jealous and insecure. Here are signs that your partner is insecure.

1. Mistrust. Nothing kills a relationship like mistrust. If your spouse always feels the need to know your whereabouts, who you are with, why you didn’t pick up your phone, the minute it rang, then this is a clear indication that things are not okay. Worse is when you tell them where you are and they ask to speak to the people you are with, just so they can confirm your claim.

2.Snoopy. This may be more common with women. If you ever find your computer folders moved about, or attempts to tamper with your phone, then there you have it. When you get off the phone and they want to know the person you were talking to, then you know your partner is beginning to feel insecure. Try keeping your emails open, or your diaries around and they won’t help sulking next day about what they saw.

3.Questions friends. They will openly tell you they are not okay with the kind of friends you have, especially if they are of the opposite sex, and they think that you need to fire your assistant for incompetence (read looking attractive). That, my friends is first degree insecurity.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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