Side dishes should know their limits

You came into his life at a time when he was having some disagreements with his wife. He was desperate at the time and was forced to reveal what went wrong between him and his madam. So there you were, playing madam’s part, for a non-specified period.

I do not blame you for having accepted the proposal, but I think there was need to think twice. You coming on board was no solution, but rather a temporary hitch that would eventually go with the wind when the disagreement was settled.

When things returned to normal, Mr did not update you about the progress of the now-faded fight. And because he did not scrap you off, you are confident that he will soon wholly get trapped in your nest.

Of course somehow, if you are a wise one, you will slowly see a change in his actions no more late night dates, calls, texts or even abrupt house calls. Then it hits you that well, you were only a fallback.

So instead of taking a hike, picking up the pieces of your broken heart and finding your life, you insist and stick around, making his phone busy. You get jealous of the madam, something you know legally belongs to the Mr. What were you thinking in the first place? And then you find the extremist calling the madam and abusing her because Mr doesn’t give her as much attention as before. Girlfriend, did you not know your limits?

Seriously, if you were comfortable of being carried in a covered pot, why complain about not seeing the light? For crying out loud, don’t you know the side dish code? You are supposed to remain in your cocoon for as long as you exist, or is the Mr supposed to reread the rules for you?

A man will shower you with so much affection, and as silly as the female species is when it comes to love, you will fall head over heels and want to own him. Truth is, though, a man will always protect his family. So all your wasted efforts to ring his madam will only cause him ire and you disrespect. Do not be like Marvin, a fresh graduate I know, who hooked up with Maria, a beautiful married woman. Maria had caught her husband cheating with the housemaid.

She couldn’t fight, and thought the only remedy for her would be to equally find a person to cool her down. Their relationship went for five months and Marvin did really good in washing away Maria’s stress.

He managed to maintain it. On finding out, Moses, Maria’s husband, became jealous, and he did everything in his power to calm the storm that was washing away his marriage. Soon they reconciled.
Marvin was so hurt that he once called Moses and abused him.

What sidekicks need to understand is that misunderstandings will always surface in any relationship, and unless it is really grave, it shall not guarantee a failed marriage or break up.

So if you happen to be a fallback, please know your limits, stick to the code, and know where you belong. Befriending a prince will never make you part of the royal family. The red line is clear, please do not cross!

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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