Shooting Victim Seeks Sh1 Billion

A resident of Kalungu district has sued government demanding Shs 1 billion because police officers shot and injured him yet he had committed no crime.

In his suit filed with the civil division of the High court on November 21, 2014, Vincent Kaggwa says that on June 3, 2014, after driving into his home with his wife in tow in another car, he was shot in the ribs, spinal cord and lower torso.

According to Kaggwa, investigations later revealed that constables belonging to the Uganda Police Force had carried out the shooting without inquiring, verifying or confirming who was inside the cars in the compound.

“No. 50595 CPL Ngura, while carrying out his duty, acting in the course and within the scope of his employment, wantonly, negligently, without any provocation, and in total disregard of anyone’s life, aimed his gun through an opening found on the said gate door and shot at the said motor vehicle reads the suit.

Through Muwema and Mugerwa Solicitors and Aocates, the 50-year-old Kaggwa says he was rushed to Kitovu hospital and then to Mulago national referral hospital, where he was treated for the gunshot wounds.

Victim paralysed:

After six months in Mulago hospital, Kaggwa was discharged but with the entire lower body from the waist completely paralysed, paraplegic and permanently disabled.

“Arising from the spinal injuries and paraplegic effect, the plaintiff can no longer stand let alone walk with or without support and has multiple shrapnel in his posterior pleural, ribs, right hemithorax and the soft tissues posterior aspect as well as in his spinal column and the dura. The plaintiff has suffered fractured posterior ribs,” says the plaint.

As a result of the shooting, severe injuries and permanent physical disability, which have confined him to a wheelchair, Kaggwa says he has been denied an opportunity to work and live dignified resourceful life which he says has caused him embarrassment and mental anguish.

Before he was permanently disabled, Kaggwa says he was earning Shs 96 million annually from his successful cattle business trading in cattle. Besides the Shs 1bn, Kaggwa also wants exemplary damages of Shs 53m.

Source : The Observer

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