Shock, tears as groom dies on wedding day

What was to be a colourful and memorable wedding for two love-birds, Mr Peter Ekiru, 32, and Ms Perpetua Abenyo, 25, took a tragic turn when the groom died unexpectedly on Saturday.

Worshippers, friends, church leaders, and relatives who had arrived to witness the couple tie the knot were shocked by the turn of events.

Joy and expectations that had enveloped the Free Pentecost Fellowship Church Kanamkemer in Lodwar town suddenly turned into a cloud of grief as the sad news was relayed to the crowd in the well-furnished and decorated church compound.

Mr Ekiru, a pastor at the church, was heading to the venue for the moment of his lifetime when he started complaining that he was not feeling well. He died as friends took him to the Lodwar District Hospital.


Pastor Boniface Lokuruka, a close friend of Mr Ekiru’s, said he had been unwell for quite some time and was on medication.

On November 25, the groom was expected to go to Eldoret to pick the marriage notification, but since he was unwell, he was aised to wait until he recovered.

He stayed until Tuesday last week when he travelled to get the notification.

“When he reached Kitale after picking his notification, he was overwhelmed and I learnt that he collapsed,” said Pastor Lokuruka.

Mr Ekiru was taken to Kitale Referral Hospital, where he was admitted and treated before he was allowed to travel back home to Lodwar with the marriage notification.

On Friday evening, the eve of the wedding, his condition worsened and Mr Lokuruka took him to Lodwar District Hospital where he was treated and discharged, only for things to take a turn for the worse on Saturday.

Ms Abenyo said she had accepted the turn of events, as painful and disruptive as it was.

“I have accepted God’s plan, but Peter and I had a big task of evangelism after our wedding,” she added.

Pastor Joshua Lemuya, who was supposed to preside over the wedding, said he received the news of Mr Ekiru’s death with shock.

When the Nation team visited the groom’s home at Johannesburg Estate in Lodwar town, relatives and friends were still struggling to come to terms with his sudden death.

According to a close friend, there were plans for the bride to wear the wedding gown on the burial day as a show of her unconditional love for the deceased, respect and a fulfilment of their wedding.

Lodwar district medical superintendent Gilchrist Lokoel said a post mortem exam would be conducted on the body to ascertain the cause of death.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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