Shame on you ladies, for 2014

I felt that little was done in terms of mobilisation when Lokodo passed that stupid law supposedly on mini-skirts. It should never have passed. Then it was misinterpreted. Women got accosted. But there was little aocacy towards ensuring that a woman’s right to dress is their choice and should not be dictated upon by horny men. I felt shame but mostly, I felt that women representatives in Parliament, civil service and in the media did little to push for the rights and dignity of the woman and should be ashamed of themselves.

Andrew Wallace
I thought we were getting somewhere with many becoming more aware of what’s going on in their environment. Still, their 2014 is somewhat awful- and this is just because of a few black sheep who are knowingly and unapologetically trying to be indifferent.

I feel like a couple of them started off the year on the wrong foot. Blindly following and applauding anyone fronting feminism without really understanding what it’s actually about.

That’s why many of them have ended up in all these virtual sisterhood wars against men. Even in the last weeks of this fourth quarter, some are still fighting this loosing battle, trying to figure out how they can Act like Ladies who Think like Men. What’s the point?! I always wonder.

Then with all the leaked private stories, pictures and videos on social media, you can see that any progress women have tried to make this year, in terms of decency and respect, has faced a major set back. Then, behold! The maid from hell! God help us! I hope that 2015 will be a better year.

Allowing the stereotypes to grow that they cannot compete with men on a level ground. The different cases of scandal and bad press in many instances involved women, not because suddenly the world conspired to victimize women in 2014, but because they went out and sought the bad press.

This will fall mostly on the shoulders of those with the means to make a difference and encourage womenfolk to desist from stooping so low, but did not. Activism did not come off in 2014 as having won many battles. When the world said women had killed for money, had laid everything out to the world to see or had tortured children, the narrative was allowed to paint women as the ones in the wrong.

Eugene Mugisha
Women should be ashamed of themselves in 2014. Women should be ashamed of their inconstitency. This business of shifting goal posts allover the place, just because you had a change of mind is not working out. True, its human to change your mind, but it is also a sign of maturity to mean what you say. Let us try to be serious, okay?

Ivan Okuda
Women had 2014 camera lights flashing right under their garments.
So many nude photos leaking, then the sex tapes and the argument that some, such the one of Zari Hussein, were all but a publicity gimmick. Surely if this is how low women chose to stoop in 2014, then this year should be a year of shame not just for the women whose cute bodies we enjoyed watchingviewing but also the entire womanhood.

People, we grew up appreciating our bodies as sacred, saved away for the privacy of our bedrooms and bathrooms. For these women’s pictures to have leaked or put themselves in such compromising situations is all the things women should be ashamed of put together.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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