Sh11 Billion Disbursed to Youth Enterprises

At least Shs 11bn has so far been paid to youth enterprises within the first year of the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP), Pius Bigirimana, the permanent secretary in the ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, has said.

According to Bigirimana, 21,323 youths have benefited directly from the programme in 27 piloted districts. At least 52 per cent of the beneficiaries were school dropouts engaged in agriculture, trade and services.

The second phase will start in July 2015 and about 40,000 youths will be targeted, Bigirimana added. The Youth Livelihood Programme is a five-year initiative worth Shs 256bn that government launched in January 2014 to empower youth in Uganda by creating employment opportunities that can fetch sustainable income.

“The objective of YLP is to provide youth with marketable vocational skills and tool kits for self-employment and job creation, provide financial support to enable the youth establish income- generating activities and provide the youth with entrepreneurship and skills as an integral part of their livelihood,” Bigirimana said.

“The YLP is a response to Uganda’s Vision 2040 statement of transforming Uganda’s society from peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years,” he added.

Bigirimana attributes the success of the disbursement of the funds to sensitisation exercises, transparency and accountability by the ministry. He said the ministry would extend programme to other districts.

Source : The Observer

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