Setting up a home office

A home office is an important addition in a home it can act as a reading room and a place to do private work with no interference.

It should be put in the most convenient part of your home, where children and other noises will not reach and therefore allow you to concentrate on your office work.

Isaac Bahati, a businessman who has an office at his home, says it enables a person focus on the task and protects them from disturbances. “The only thing you need to set up an office is space whether small or big, I put my office in a garage,” says Bahati.

Home office set up
Amos Balaam, a supervisor at Prime Impex 2001, says you do not need much furniture in a home office but should depending on the size of the office.

“A home office should be made simple with little furniture and you don’t need so much furniture in a home because there are no visitors in your home office”

Before you buy anything, first consider size of the room. If it is small or big then buy furniture depending on the size
He says a home office should have one chair because you don’t expect visitors at home, a table that is big enough for your work a book shelf or alternatively a file cabinet.

Balaam says get a chair that will support your back and a desk that will support your sitting posture all together.
He says if your house is one that is mopped daily then you need furniture with metallic legs because wood will be affected by daily water.

Home office decorations and lighting
A home office should be decorated because colour keeps your mind at ease. It does not have to be fancy, something simple will do.
Jane Namayanja, an interior designer, says colour in a home office depends on a person’s taste and preference
Some people love bright colours while others prefer dull colours. Namayanja recommends lighter shades for visibility purposes.

“Light colours make our brains settled as compared to bright colours,” Namayanja says.

“You can put up a clock which can act as decoration and again help you with time-keeping, a photo or two, but you do not really need much decoration in a home office.”
Do not put things that may distract your attention in an office because office means serious business.
She says that pen holder can also act as decoration in a home office.

For curtains, Namayanja recommends light colours. Ultimately, whatever you opt for has to be something that will soothe you.
To avoid misplacements, Balaam recommends marking your files for easy identification.

The numbers

The least price at which you can buy an office chair. These can either be made by local carpenters or bought from furniture shops.

The least price at which you can get an office desk. These can be bought from carpenters or furniture shops.



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