Set Your Class Apart With the Mercedes C200

Of late, if one scanned the cars in the traffic jam in Kampala, there is likelihood that there will be a Benz or two imbedded into it.

Belief has it that frequent sightings of a particular vehicle in a given metropolis can only suggest one thing about it: it is definitely popular. And this leads us to other suggestions, such as that its fuel consumption is good its purchase price is low or that its resale value is wonderful – when compared to other models.

Enter the Mercedes Benz C200. This Benz variant was first introduced in 1993 after the replacement of the 190 range and it was the smallest, compared to the A-class of the 1997 type. Though Mercedes Benz is still largely built in Germany, the German car-makers have sites in other countries.

Year 2000 saw the introduction of the C-class which had a range of inline four-cylinder and V6 petrol as well as diesel engines. The diesels featured common rail direct fuel injection and variable turbo chargers with six-speed manual gearboxes which were started for the entire range of Benzs, except the C320.

Although it was originally sold as a saloon – and station wagon, the 2000 second generation came as a fastbackhatchback version. And when it was further face-lifted, it become the CLC-class and remained in production until 2011 when it was replaced by the new C-class coupeacute in 2012. This model was introduced with several changes to the exterior while enhancing the interior to give it more luxury feel.

It also saw improvements to the engine that made it more efficient. Interior changes included a chrome-trimmed steering wheel, an in-built vehicle entertainment screen and a sportier overall look.

Apparently in 2014 there has been production of a new C-class which is the newer model, also called W205. This is a significantly lighter platform because the designers used aluminum extensively throughout the body. It includes sport and luxury trims, with 2.0 litre turbocharged l4 and 3.0 litre bi-turbo V6 engine options.

You will realise that the C200s present challenges in Uganda when you discover that the incorporated new technologies can hardly be handled by most of our mechanics. Besides, because there are fewer units in the country, this means very few people deal in their replacement parts, making them a might too expensive to maintain.

Also, its resale value could turn out to be too low, yet its initial cost may have been quite substantial. This class also tends to have a huge thirst for fuel, evidently because of the big V6 engine under their bonnets otherwise, the newer models have seen all this being worked on.

The Mercedes Benz C200 has a very low ground clearance and this limits where it can go, especially in this country. The upcountry roads are a no-go, which only leaves the well-paved urban roads.

However, the C200 will definitely place you a class apart because of its comfort and safety guarantee. It is built with enough air bags to ensure the safety of the driver and occupants.

Source : The Observer

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