Sembabule police boss arrested over murder


Buganda’s premier Charles Peter Mayiga has told politicians to stop seeing politics as a game but focus on the impact it has on the ordinary people.
Mr Mayiga was speaking at Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) offices in Najjanankumbi, Kampala as part of his fundraising drive for the Kingdom’s development projects.
“Politics is not a game because if it is not practiced well, it leads people to die or even destroys the country. The ‘Mugisha Muntus’ went to the bush because some people were playing with politics and therefore, those of you in politics do it with an aim to unite Ugandans.”
He said that on many occasions politicians focus on short-term goals and end up dividing the people. He urged FDC party members, among other political parties to promote unity amongst their supporters.
“We need mature politics for the unity and development of our country. Being a Muganda does not stop one from working with people from other tribes,” Mr Mayiga said.
The Katikkiro was welcomed by FDC chairperson Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo and was taken around the party premises before meeting the FDC President, Mugisha Muntu.
Mr Muntu assured the Katikkiro that FDC party was quietly laying its strategies and headed in different direction.
“We believe in freedoms, rights and prosperity of all Ugandans and we are working quietly and consistently for a future that is different from what the country has known the party for.”
Mr Mayiga fundraised over shs200 million from Lubaga South, part of which was FDC’s Shs7 million. Mr Muntu pledged to contribute Shs5 million more to the kingdom in future.
Today, the Katikkiro is touring Lubaga North.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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