Sekagya services his car twice a year

Which car do you drive?
I drive a Range Rover

How do you maintain your car?
I take it for servicing every six months to the company where I bought it.

Where did you buy it and at how much?
I bought it from a Range Rover company in my neighbourhood in the US.

How do you cope with its maintenance?
It’s quite high but I try my best.

When do you drive it?
I drive it once in a while, madam uses it more. I use the club car more because I have one.

Have you received offers from people wanting to buy it?
No. I haven’t, because l have never put it on sale.

Where do you get its spare parts?
I buy its spare parts from the manufacturing company and besides, it still has warranty.

Where do you get the inspiration to drive this type of car?
I needed a change after driving Audi products for seven years. l think l needed to have that change. It is still in the Audi family.

Do you share it with friends or family members?
Yes, l do share it with family members, my wife uses it more by the way.

Is it automatic or manual?
It’s automatic.

How long have you been with it?
Approximately two years and seven months.

What do you like about it?

How much do you spend on fuel in a day or week?
It all depends on how I use it but I normally fill it at $63 (approximately Shs200,000) a week.

What is the farthest you have driven it?
The furthest I have driven it, was to Pennsylvania a neighbouring state, it was a three hour drive.

What is the worst moment that has happened to you when on the road?
Nothing bad has happened so far, God forbid.

What characteristic does it have that other cars you have driven don’t?
It’s an SUV and very powerful.

Was it your first car?
My first car in the USA, yes ,but not the first in my life.

What was your first car?
My first car was a Peugeot 307.

How many cars do you have?
I have only three cars. A personal one, one for my wife and the club car as part of the officials now.

Which of them do you love the most and why?
I Love the SUV (Range Rover) because during the heavy snow storm, it is powerful enough and it hardly skids.

What is the fastest you have ever driven in any of those cars?
It could have been 80 miles per hour, I have never gone beyond that because, I usually avoid ticket charges.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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