Sejusa Urges Amama Mbabazi to Join the ‘Struggle’

Two days before the sacking of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, exiled General David Sejusa warned that the former had expired.

And days after Mbabazi’s sacking, Sejusa has warned Ugandans against crucifying Mbabazi for his political mistakes but encourage him to join the struggle of “ending the dictatorship.”

President Museveni last Thursday sacked Mbabazi and replaced him with Health Minister Ruhakana Rugunda. In his Sunday statement, Sejusa said he was aware that along the way, there were many people Mbabazi must have wronged. Referring to the Mbabazi ‘reshuffle’ as an implosion within NRM, Sejusa said it was not time to apportion blame.

“People in a burning house have no time to sit and account. They need to get out first and help in extinguishing the fire and save whatever is possible. Once the fire is out, discussions as to who should or should not have done what can commence. To try and do that now is to assist the dictatorship,” he wrote.

Sejusa, a former coordinator of intelligence services who fled the country in April 2013 after falling out with the Museveni government, is currently the chairman of the Free Uganda Liberation Organisation, an anti-Museveni political grouping of exiles in the UK.

Sejusa said Mbabazi had a duty in ending the Museveni dictatorship, “which we both created.”

He added that how Mbabazi eventually fought the dictatorship was a matter of detail.

“Therefore, Mbabazi, like any other Ugandan has a right and duty to join the anti-dictatorship forces and allow Ugandans to achieve the critical mass desired to bring about the desired change,” the general said.

Sejusa warned that Mbabazi could not win in that ring of fire if he did not stand resolutely to the end.

“For Museveni, past contributions of people are of no consequence. It has never been. It’s about himself. It’s sheer greed,” added Sejusa.

Working together

Sejusa said working with those opposing the NRM from within and real opposition politicians to dislodge Museveni was not only a necessity but the only viable option for the liberation forces.

“Most belonged to NRM and had thought that the ideals of NRM would always work for the people. Alas, it was never to be. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all those who worked and helped shape this dictatorship, consciously or unconsciously, to join hands and to right this historic wrong,” Sejusa added.

However, the minister for Information and National Guidance, Rose Namayanja, last evening described Sejusa’s ‘fire’ as a hoax.

“Sejusa’s missives are cowardly in nature because shortly after he left, he promised fire, which fire we have not seen. He should know that who has the power to appoint, has the power to sack,” Namayanja said.

She said he should not fight for Mbabazi who once told NRM leaders in Kyankwanzi that the problem of Africa was lack of good leaders, and that once you got one like Museveni, you should not let him go.

Source : The Observer

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