Sejusa Calls for Reform of EC

Gen David Sejusa, the former Coordinator of Intelligence Services, aised President Museveni yesterday to heed the calls for electoral reforms if the country is to have smooth elections in 2016.

Addressing a news conference at the Democratic Party headquarters after holding a closed-door meeting with the party’s top leadership, Sejusa said if Museveni ignored the calls for reform, the opposition could be justified to boycott the elections. He, however, said an election boycott would still favour Museveni.

“How do you say that you will continue to participate in an election which you know that it is already a fraud?” he asked, “But if you boycott, the oppressor [Museveni] will create his opposition like we are seeing one president has done in an election… ”

Sejusa introduced himself as leader of the Platform Rescue Uganda (PRU). He is the second NRM-leaning political figure to visit DP within one month. Prof Gilbert Bukenya, the former vice president, did so at the end of March.

By press time, we had not got the details of Sejusa’s discussions with the DP leaders. The opposition has aocated electoral reforms such as reconstituting the electoral commission to make it more independent and for the incumbent to step down, and therefore not use state resources, during the campaign period.

Sejusa said he had evidence that the 2016 elections were already fraudulent, saying that some foreigners got national IDs, which will be used as a basis for compiling the voters’ register.

“ID registration was full of errors… and we need to know who the citizens are and who the foreigners are there are some areas like Kaiso-Tonya in Hoima, Kakuuto, Kiryandongo where you have foreigners as LC-I to LC-III. They are issuing IDs and it’s very possible for them to register foreigners,” he claimed.


Asked about Museveni’s sole candidacy as declared by some sections of the NRM, Sejusa said that NRM like other parties is bound by the law, affirming that it must operate within the confines of the law.

Sejusa said it would be in the interest of those within NRM now to push for peaceful change of power because they are bound to lose more should there be a chaotic transition. Contacted yesterday, Ofwono Opondo, the government spokesperson took a swipe at Sejusa, equating him to a drunk person, whose rumblings make no sense.

“We take his comments as those of a drunken person who is shouting in the middle of the road or on the veranda of the bar he is of no consequence and time will prove us right, Opondo said.

Source : The Observer