´╗┐Secretary General Concludes Working Visit to Lvfo and EACAA in Uganda [press release]

The Secretary General of the East African Community, Amb. Dr. Richard Sezibera, concluded a working visit over the weekend to two Institutions of the Community, the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) based in Jinja, Uganda and the East African Civil Aviation Academy (EACAA) located in Soroti, Eastern Uganda.

During his visit to LVFO, Amb. Dr. Sezibera met and held discussions with senior management team under the guidance of Mr. Godfrey Mono, the Executive Secretary at LVFO. Also present at the meeting were Uganda’s Commissioner of Fisheries, Mr. Lovelock Wadanya Jackson and Dr. Anthony Taabu, Director at the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute.

In addressing the Secretary General, Mr. Mono highlighted the recently established project known as ‘Small Scale Fisheries Working Group of the Africa Union’ under the Policy Framework and Reform Strategy for Fisheries and Aquaculture in Africa.

He further added that, “through this project, we hope to create a conducive environment for the aquatic sector, and to create equitable, social and economic development in Africa.”

In winding up his visit at LVFO, Amb. Dr. Sezibera was taken on a tour to the Source of the Nile (SON) Fish Farm, one of the largest FishCage Culture Farms in Uganda and the region as a whole. SON Fish Farm provides sustainably reared fish in social, commercial and environmental terms. The Fish Farm ensures high quality fish through a combination of sustainable farming techniques and state of the art equipment. The Farm also ensures complete control in the farm to fork handling process.

With panoramic views of Mount Elgon and Lake Kyoga as backdrops at EACAA in Soroti district, Amb. Dr. Sezibera was received by EACAA’s Ag. Director, Mr. Ronald J. Lodiong.

Others present at the reception were Mr. Baliddawa Zephaniah Mugeere, Chairperson of the Academy’s Management Aisory Task Force, Hon. Anyolo Samuel, Member of the Task Force, and the Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Soroti district, Mr. Ekoom John Stephen.

“I would like to extend my appreciation to the Government of Uganda for continuing to run and fund EACAA on behalf of the EAC,” said Amb. Dr. Sezibera. “The EAC had initiated talks with the Government of Uganda on the possible transfer of EACAA to the Community, and we at the EAC Secretariat, will continue to work with your Government to ensure full ownership of the EACAA,” he said.

Notes to Editors:

About Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO)

LVFO is an Institution of the East African Community specializing in Fisheries. Under the EAC framework, LVFO has eight priority areas, among them are: strengthening of the LVFO Institution to effectively undertake its regional coordination and harmonization role in matters of Fisheries Management and Aquaculture Development expansion of the Scope and Mandate of LVFO and transform it to East Africa Fisheries Organization (EAFO) provision of sound scientific information for sustainable management of the fisheries resources through Resources MonitoringResearch Programmes and strengthening Co-management of the Fisheries of Lake Victoria for sustainable socio-economic benefits.

LVFO is currently revising its Strategic Plan (2016-2020) to replace the Lake Victoria Strategic Vision (1999-2015) developing a Resource Mobilization Strategy as well as developing a Communication and Aocacy Strategy.

About East African Civil Aviation Academy (EACAA)

The EACAA was established as the East African Civil Flying School under the Directorate of Civil Aviation by a Treaty of Cooperation of the First East African Community in 1971 to train pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers mainly for the East African Airways, an airline jointly owned by the three Partner States of Uganda, Kenya and the United Republic of Tanzania. The main contributors were the Government of Uganda, the East African Community, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

After the collapse of the first EAC in 1977, all recurrent expenditures of the School reverted to the Government of Uganda, while the UNDPICAO partnership continued to provide technical assistance up to 1985 when the last project wound up.

EACAA boosts modern training equipment including a 1,800-metre long tarmac main runaway, a fully equipped air traffic control tower, meteorological forecasting and weather aisory services, seven functional single-engine basic trainer Cessna 172 aircraft, a brand new training device (Simulator) for Cessna Glass Cockpit aircraft etc.

Source : East African Community


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