Sam Mugumya – FDC Turns to God

Having failed to establish the fate and condition of FDC activist Sam Mugumya, the opposition on Saturday sought divine intervention.

During prayers organised by FDC youths in the main hall at Makerere University, speakers asked God to intervene and have Mugumya released from his reported detention in DR Congo. Former FDC President Kizza Besigye, for whom Mugumya was an aide, said unlike the elites of today, Mugumya was not materialistic.

“I have never seen him begging for anything. All he wants is justice and living in dignity. That is the sacrifice he is paying for,” Besigye said.

On Thursday, police blocked opposition members led by Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga, the coordinator of the pressure group For God and My Country (4GC), from delivering a petition regarding the arrest of Mugumya, to the ministry of Foreign Affairs. Two days earlier (November 18), the police had stopped the same leaders from petitioning the DR Congo embassy in Kampala.

On Saturday, Besigye said he was confident that Mugumya would come back safe and sound since he is g and has been in the struggle long enough to understand the difficulties the opposition goes through.

“He has sacrificed himself before and I have respect for people who sacrifice for others. If Jesus hadn’t sacrificed himself on the cross, where would that hope the Christians have come from?” he asked.

The retired colonel explained that God puts in place challenges such as the one Mugumya is going through to see whether you overcome them and reflect that love.

He said: “You must show that you have the ability to go through the challenges. If there was no evil, God wouldn’t know who truly loves him.”

Reverend Chrysostom Akwech who, who led the prayers, said if the opposition wants Mugumya to return safely, they should place him in Jesus’ hands.

Moses Owori, an FDC youth winger, said Mugumya was an ideologist who believed in justice, and who could not be easily compromised. After the prayers, the FDC youths told The Observer that they would go to Congo soon to establish if Mugumya is really there.

Source : The Observer

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