Ruzindana warns govt against engaging in divisive politics


Mr Augustine Ruzindana, the Forum for Democratic Change director for research, has criticised the ruling government over what he termed as presiding over divisive politics.

Mr Ruzindana said while there was unity in the first years of the NRM regime, a breed of divisive politics has been entrenched and has drawn a wedge among people of different political beliefs and religion. He made the remarks at the burial of Constance Kacooni in Nyamirama village, Ntungamo Sub-county last Thursday.
Kacooni was married to the late Anania Kacooni, a minister in former Ankole Kingdom government.

“Politics is dividing people like in the old days. I always have friends without considering what they are. So these things should not divide us, they are going and we see them in different ways,” Mr Ruzindana said.
“If it were for friendship, I would not be on a different side with President Museveni because I think he was my friend and I think he still is, but we do not see each other anymore,” he added.

The FDC official said divisive politics can only be challenged if people knew what they want and stood by truth and understanding each others’ ideas as different. “Do not see us people in politics as if we are politicians only, there are other things we know and can help, you need to understand that we think differently and only this can end this mess,” Mr Ruzindana said.

Reacting to the comments, Mr Fred Bamwesigye Kanyangoga, the head of human resource at Civil Aviation Authority, who also represented President Museveni, said politics is a small issue that should not divide people.

“Politics is a small issue in life of a person, Hon (Ruzindana) you will never grow up with another person other than President Museveni. What is just passing should not divide us. Hon Ruzindana, I want to ask you that you try and meet the President. You should not tell us he was your friend because he is still your friend,” he said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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