Right Cook – Mix the Arrowroots With Beans and Coconut

Do you want to try something very African, yet with a coastal flavour? Then get arrowroots, beans, some coconut milk and get cooking!


12kg arrowroots

1 cup dry butter beans

2 sliced tomatoes

2 teaspoons curry powder


2 cups thin milk

1 cup coconut milk


Soak the butter beans overnight. Cook them until ready. Peel and slice the arrowroots and arrange them in a pan, alternating with layers of beans and sliced tomatoes.

Add curry powder and salt and pour in the milk. Cook covered until soft and most of the liquid is absorbed. Either boil the thick coconut milk separately and pour it on the cooked arrowroot pieces, or add it to cooking mixture and boil until soft.

Recipes from Jojo’s Cookery and Training Centre

Source : The Observer