Right Cook – Cassava Serves Up Lovely Pancakes Too

You realise there must be more to cassava than just the high-carbs meal we associate it with, don’t you? Well, there are pancakes to consider.


1 root cassava (medium size)

Cooking oil

frac12 teaspoon salt

frac12 onion (optional)


Peel, wash and scrape the cassava.

Grate finely.

Mash or pound the grated cassava until soft.

Add enough salt to taste.

Shape into round flat cakes.

Heat the frying pan or griddle and put on a little oil.

Fry the cassava cakes making sure that they do not break.

When browned, turn the other side.

Serve hot or cold with honey if preferred.

Recipes from Jojo’s Cookery and Training Centre

Source : The Observer


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