Resolve discontent in FDC – Besigye

Kampala- Retired FDC president Kizza Besigye has admitted internal conflicts in the party and explained how the current leadership can resolve differences and instill inspiration among the party supporters.

Dr Besigye told the FDC Delegates Conference at Namboole stadium yesterday that there are voices of discontent on how the party is being managed and that the current leadership must bring all party supporters together to settle the disagreements.

He told FDC leaders led by Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu to create platforms he termed as “cantankerous to express their cantankerousness”.

“You [party leaders] must act in a manner that inspires confidence in everybody that they are all at par. I have been hearing a little bit of unease on that account. It is important that our party leaders take on this matter. What creates crises in all organisations and countries is injustice [and] unfairness,” Dr Besigye said.

Besigye is reputable for leading public protests which have often sparked street riots and violent confrontations with security forces.

“In whatever you do you must be scrupulous – sure that you are acting an even way. That everybody feels comfortable that what you are doing is not oppressing them, that everyone in this party feels at home, feels equally wanted and respected. That nobody feels in this party that he is a second class citizen in FDC, that everybody is one,” he added.

The founding FDC leader recounted the fallout between the party president Maj Gen Muntu and his rival Budadiri West MP Nandala Mafabi which was triggered by the 2012 election for party presidency. Mafabi’s supporters refused to recognise Gen Muntu’s victory in 2012 and claimed there had been rigging.

Mr Mafabi now leads a crop of FDC leaders critical of Gen Muntu.
Speaking earlier at the conference, Gen Muntu, in bullish mood, insisted that the manner in which the party handled the disagreements of the post-2012 election would create more public confidence in the FDC.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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