Residents obstruct road works


Residents of Adjumani District and the town council administration are embroiled in a wrangle over road works.

The residents have been complaining that access roads in the town are narrow and in poor state and become impassable during rainy seasons.However, when the town council approved the grading of the roads, the residents demanded compensation, and saying their businesses would be affected.

“Initially the commercial buildings were to be spared. Now the road works have encroached on them and no compensation has been made,” Mr Morris Illa, a resident, said.

At least three commercial buildings and over 10 grass thatched houses are lined up for demolition on Illa Road that leads to the district headquarters.

Ms Immaculate Atimango, the urban physical planner, said some of their workers had been attacked by residents opposed to the roadworks. “It has become difficult to relocate those who have settled on the road reserve because we have been confronted a lot,” she said.

She said the town council had educated the affected residents but they continued destroying road pegs and marks which are vital for the works. Adjumani Town Clerk Samuel Lagu said the councillors had earmarked over Shs35 million during the 2013-2014 financial year for the roadworks and compensation for owners of the destroyed property.

Mr Lagu warned that residents frustrating the roadworks would be prosecuted.


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