Repenting, redemption: Wherein lies the real sin?

Uganda is a religious nation. Of that there is no doubt: You hear it from the preachers you hear it from the public you hear it from the politicians.

Christian and Islamic influences abound. And for each of those two proud religions, and many others, including traditional beliefs, the value of being honest and sincere in those beliefs is at the centre.

So, why then, in a nation that prides itself as being Godly and, at just about every turn, uses religious references in pursuit and support of its agenda, so corrupt?

“Thou shall not steal,” the Bible espouses. And stealing is a sin, a big sin in Islam, and is clearly forbidden in the Koran.

Reality of everyday life in Uganda provides an overwhelming contradiction: No matter the level, whether high or low, to get just about anything done in Uganda, the hand of greed and corruption must be fed.

Do those whose hands are extended or whose hands offer the bounties, requested or not, believe in what they profess, whether Christian or Muslim or other? If so, do they repent each holy day, asking for forgiveness for that sin – then leaving the place of worship only to extend the same hand again. Over and over.

Perhaps, the merciful God to whom they direct those hollow requests for forgiveness, the same God shared by both of these proud religions, in His wisdom might begin to doubt the sincerity of the beliefs of those who continue to commit the same sin.

And, of course, all the time ignoring the other sin they commit over and over by asking for that forgiveness and then going forth to commit the same sin, over and over: Being insincere to their God Almighty.

So, as this New Year approaches, let all God-fearing folks in Uganda truly repent their sins, all of them. And, when doing so, really mean it.
Then, perhaps, Uganda and its people can truly be called Godly by beginning to practice what they – preachers, politicians and public – profess so profusely.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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