Remember to celebrate life

There is no timely death. It’s always untimely. Therefore, it means every waking moment is worth counting. Counting it as a blessing.
Rosemary Nankabirwa was young, her death was untimely. Francis Bbale was a senior. His death was untimely. Very sad. Besides family and friends, the media fraternity has also been hit very hard – double punch. They left a big gap. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

Their death caused another moment of reflection for me. Around 2002, I wrote a special report around the concept of celebrating life. I was inspired by the fact that I noticed a good number of Americans complaining about life and when I compared their lifestyle with that of many poor Ugandans, I felt they weren’t grateful enough and as such wanted to reawaken a sense of gratitude in them.

A few years later, I noticed that it is not just those who are gifted with material wealth who’ve got an obligation to celebrate life but every breathing human being. My mantra now is that so long as am alive kicking and not on a sick bay, then whenever someone asks me how I’m doing, I simply say “Outstanding”. Why? Am alive and that’s great news alone compared to those who are on their death beds or those who passed on a moment ago.

Back to you my friend. What’s your perception and view of life? Is it uplifting or pessimistic? Now, you might be there sitting in the corner wondering what’s the value of all this. Apparently science is very clear now as to how positive thoughts affect not only our emotions but also the actual chemical balance in our system.

When you are positive, it doesn’t mean the end of challenges in life but, it reduces the negative impact of the same challenges emotionally, psychologically and even at a chemical level.

Listen, you might say life is unfair. Well, it’s still life. You might say life is tough, but it’s still life. And hey, I guess death is tougher. You might say life is hard, but it’s life. I also guess that death is harder. You might say you are tired of life, but does that mean you would welcome death? Now, to also put things into perspective, I have heard of situations where someone is in such unbearable pain that they wish to die.

I believe that such situations are there. Oh, and if you are in such a situation, there is one line I really loved from the movie The theory of everything”where there is life, there is hope”.

So, there is hope for you too. But what am talking about is a typical average life. True, there are challenges and frustrations, still it doesn’t take away the value and sanctity of life.

My desire for you is that you remember how blessed you are today to be counted among those who are alive.

The writer is the CEO of Success Africa.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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