Rekindling the old flame

For the past two decades and then some, this strategically located establishment has been primarily a parking lot-cum-washing bay with food and drinks as an afterthought.
Situated off Butikiro road and in the heart of the Mengo Bakuli area, sooner or later somebody had to come up with the idea of creating an eatery along with a sports bar as an added attraction.
The new tenants should be credited for turning a dreary and shabby rundown place into something that is decent and welcoming. Among some of the new refinements are the waterborne toilets. The restaurant proprietors also did away with the parking and the mairungi chewing lot who had made it a habit to venture over, park and chew on this awful and illicit mind-changing hallucinogenic substance on a daily basis.
Come evening time, and a slew of cars would park and the occupants would order for water to take with their mairungi and sit in groups never venturing out except to answer nature’s call– not exactly an environment conducive to convivial social norms where one would wish to be seen!
A few months ago, the owners made a deal with a new group who not only did away with the infamy for which the place had become well known, but decided on putting in several television sets, a lounge area, a bar and outdoor seating as well as retaining the washing bay section.
Parking is now ample and secure and the environment is generally pleasant.
In terms of food, they offer a limited menu on a daily basis consisting of steamed fish stew, with matooke and rice as well as beef stew and chicken luwombo. These range in price from Shs5,000 for the beef stew while the luwombo is Shs10,000.
We have dined there for lunch a few times and the food is consistently good though when they are busy they run out of choices.
The food portions are generous almost to a fault and one can only hope that in due course, business will pick up so that more people from within the area can get to know of Flames Bar and Restaurant.
Super Tuesday is a very busy night with music and loads of muchomo and snacks and is very well attended.

If you go
The Place: Flames Bar and
Rating: Ok
Address: Butikiro Road
between Namirembe and Rubaga Road
The Space: Semi alfresco with a car wash and a casual sports bar
The Crowd: In general locals from around the area
The Bar: Beer, spirits and a
limited selection of wines
Recommended dishes: The steamed fish
The damage: A meal for two with a soda and would be around the Shs15,000 mark though this could be higher if you order for the luwombo.
Sound level: Agreeable
Parking: Enclosed and secure
Daily Specials: Ask the waiter
If you go: Do not miss out on Super Tuesday which is a crowd puller, with a plethora of eats and drinks served at a discount. Open daily.

RATINGS: Not to be missed, worth a visit, OKso so, don’t waste your time.
These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service factoring in the price. Menu listings and prices are subject to change.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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