Redds to ‘Turn Up’ Kampala

After successfully sponsoring the Miss Uganda pageant for the past two years, Redds Lemon Vodka is back with a new twist that will get Kampala party animals wearing an ear-to-ear smile.

Redds has come up with what they’ve called Redds turn it up. Many of you will be wondering what the heck that is, but wonder no more. Many party people may have heard the phrase, ‘Turn it up’ from our American friends. Turn it up is when a bunch of friends go out for fun and you just ‘kill’ it.

You could have had one of those nights where you woke up and had no memory of what happened, where you were in competition with the fish, and you just couldn’t leave because the DJ was on point.

Now as a way of trying to replicate that, Redds Turn it up will have a new twist. Starting this month at selected outlets in Kampala, all revelers will have to do is buy a bucket of Redds lemon Vodka. This will give them the chance of becoming their own DJs.

With this, they will have the opportunity to select their favourite songs and the house DJ will play that for them. When they purchase more Redds they stand the chance to win different prizes, ranging from ipads, polo T-shirts to free packs of Redds, and many more.

“As a brand, this is the first of many campaigns that we will be running this year. Our aim is to have the consumer experience the vodka like never before,” Francis Kirabira, Redds Lemon Vodka brand manager, told The Observer.

In the climax to the campaign, Kirabira has confirmed that they will be flying in Nicki Minaj’s official DJ-Headache, for the grand finale of Turn it up, which will be held in August at the Lugogo indoor arena.

Uganda has hosted a number of top DJs since 2012, with none of them disappointing. Let us hope Headache will turn Kampala up.

Source : The Observer

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