RDCs should understand their role to community

The office of the Resident District Commissioner just like any other office has got its mandate as stipulated by the Constitution, the Local Government Act 1997. We also see that, Article 203 of 1995 Constitution provides for the establishment of the office of the RDC and the roles provided for as, i) To monitor implementation of central and local government services in the district, to act as chairperson of the district security committee, to carry out other functions as may be assigned by the President or prescribed by Parliament. Article 71 of the Local Government Act 1997 depicts the functions of the RDC as, a representative of the President and the government in the district, coordinate government services in the district, aise the district chairperson on matters of a national nature that may affect the district or its plans or programmes and particularly the relations between the district and the government. Monitor and inspect the activities of local governments
Most of the RDCs have betrayed the trust that the president has put in them to represent him in as far as ensuring that, there is value for money that the government sends to their districts. They have instead used their positions to show that they are ‘money hungry’ because many of them have been named in acts of bribery and interfering with programme implementation.
If the office of the President was to conduct unplanned visits to the duty stations of these RDCs , they will be shocked that, the offices are left to secretaries. And based on my own research, when you go to many districts in Uganda, you will be shocked that the representative of the President is the one who goes to office at midday and leaves the office by 3pm. This according to mandate given to the office of the RDC, is tantamount to abuse of office.
Also some RDCs do not even understand their roles and have failed to acquaint themselves with the basic provisions of the laws that further guide and support their work in addition to the Constitution.
I, therefore, request the RDCs not to betray the president’s trust and take a key role in understanding their responsibilities and functions and stop intimidating the locals of how they are the presidents of the districts and have influence in the district.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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