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Hoima deputy Resident District Commissioner Ambrose Mwesigye has ordered the arrest of Buhanika Seed SS head teacher for alleged embezzlement and abuse of office.
Mr Mwesigye said his office received complaints from students, teachers, parents and local leaders about the head teacher, Mr Edward Mutumba.
“He should answer why he is charging utility fees amounting to Shs100,000 per pupil and blocking some students who have not yet paid the fees from sitting exams yet the school implements the Universal Secondary Education programme,” he said.
He said he has directed police to investigate and arrest Mr Mutumba. This newspaper has seen a separate petition signed by parents and teachers of the school and addressed to minister of Public Service Henry Muganwa Kajura.
The petition dated April 19, alleges the head teacher withdrew more than Shs2 million from the school account which he used for the treatment of his son.
“He withdrew school funds meant to pay for teachers’ transport in December 2013 and disappeared with it. To date staff members have never received it,” the petition reads in part.
However, Mr Mutumba denied the accusations which he claimed were engineered by teachers who want to fail him.
“Those allegations are not new. It is public knowledge that I am being framed. I am being trailed and threatened. My life is in danger. I have not abused my office as alleged,” Mr Mutumba told Saturday Monitor by telephone on Thursday.
The teachers accused Mr Mutumba of spending Shs3 million on construction of a fence which was not completed.
They also said they petitioned the Inspector General of Government in 2011 to investigate the head teacher for alleged abuse of Shs11 million meant for construction of a water tank at the school, but nothing was done.
The Midwestern Regional Police Commander, Mr Charles Ssembabulidde, confirmed police was investigating the head teacher.
“The head teacher was summoned and he recorded a statement. We have also obtained statements from some witnesses. The criminal file is being processed,” Mr Ssembabulidde said.
He said after obtaining an audit report for the school accounts, the file would be submitted to the resident State Attorney for aice on prosecution of the headmaster.

THE numbers

The amount the head teacher charges every pupil as utility fees.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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